EXO Sehun’s childhood friend talks about Sehun

Pann: Choding Sehun I remember

(“Choding” is an elementary school student)

I’m 21, a university student. I’m currently tutoring a 18-year-old girl. The reason why I’m posting this is because she recommended me to. Anyways, I was Oh Sehun’s friend when I was in elementary school. One day, I saw the girl’s phone I’m teaching for and her phone background was Sehun. I told her, “when Sehun was a choding, I was his friend.” And she didn’t let me go home.

I honestly have no interest in celebrities, so it wasn’t until recent that I found out that Sehun is a popular singer. It’s not like I keep in touch with him. Besides, I changed schools when I was in grade 5.

Q. How were his personalities?

A. His personalities can’t be described in words. Apparently, the girl I’m teaching says he’s a cold person. I laughed my ass off. No, he wasn’t a cold person AT ALL. Or maybe he turned into one. It’s already 10 years back then so…
To say it straight, Sehun was a hyper kid. That was why I was close to him. He laughed a lot. Teachers always told him to be quiet ㅋㅋㅋ I saw several photos and two videos of him, and he barely talked so I don’t think he’s the same as before. Is he taking care of his image in front of the cameras? Or is he not talking because there are too many members?

Q. Is his face the same as before? Do you think he got plastic surgery?

A. I don’t know if he got plastic surgery or not, but he barely changed. He was really skinny when he was a choding and I was taller than him. I heard that he’s now 183cm tall? I freaked out. I saw a picture of him smiling and he really looked the same. The way his eyes look when he smiles is the exact same as before. 
But his nose did get prettier. But don’t trust my memories, though. Ten years have passed so his face must’ve changed. He’s a celebrity, after all, so he must look very different. Sorry for not knowing if he got plastic surgery or not. But wow…. his visual is no joke… he’s handsome. I regret making fun of him for being short when he was a choding…

Q. Does he smoke or drink?

A. We were very innocent when we were chodings ㅋㅋㅋㅋ We didn’t even know the existence of alcohol and cigarettes. I don’t know about smoking but I’m sure he drinks, no? Us guys need alcohol and girls when we’re lonely. 

Q. Was he popular when he was a choding?

A. I’m not sure if I can say this, but Sehun wasn’t really popular. He was more popular among guys. He liked girls a lot, though. You know, he was one of those boys who always make fun of the girls they like because they don’t want to look shy. That was choding Sehun ㅋㅋㅋ Surprising, right? It’s true.

Q. How close were you both?

A. I was really close with him back then. I regret not taking any picture. Well back in the time, chodings didn’t have their own cellphones and it’s not like my mom would buy one. (I remember Sehun being really scared of my mom) I want to post a proof but I can’t because I don’t have any pictures. I lost contact with him since I moved schools. Maybe he’ll cry if he sees me…? Oh, speaking of crying, Sehun cried a lot. He always tried to hide his tears but they were so obvious ㅋㅋㅋ He even cried in front of me ㅋㅋ But he pretended like he didn’t cry, well his eyes were red ㅋㅋ He had feelings of a girl. But it wasn’t like he cried because he was sad, but because he was mad. I would laugh and play with him, and suddenly he started crying, and I then reflected myself, trying to think what I have done wrong. So I hope the fans don’t bully him. Especially sasaengs! Even though Sehun doesn’t show his feelings, I’m sure he’s crying somewhere. 

Q. Was he a good student?

A. …..Pffft. He was an average elementary school student.

As a choding friend, Sehun was a really great friend. Even though he lacks as a singer ( ㅋㅋ Sorry but he really doesn’t have parts. Like 5 seconds? “Stop provoking me”, “E.X.O” ㅋㅋ) He was a good kid even though his personalities were a bit psycho-ish. I’ll cheer for him, and if I see him again, I want to hang out like when we were chodings. Ah… tears are coming out… Anyways even if I never get to see him, my childhood with him will be a good history. My conclusion is this – I hope EXO would succeed and more success for Sehun. And fans, please don’t lose your fan mind. I heard he’s still a rookie? And he’s even a maknae. I think his group is holding too much expectations. I don’t know the details but I heard his company is a bit evil… It’s unfortunate… 

So even if he happens to disappoint you guys, please don’t leave him, don’t hurt him, and wait for him. The Sehun I know will soon be modest again.


1. [+55, -6] I think this is real ㅋㅋㅋ The way he talks is so funny ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+46, -5] This post is real for sure ㅋㅋ It seems real.

3. [+41, -5] Sehun-ah, I love you <3

4. [+19, -1] Ah thank you for telling us the childhood Sehun ㅠㅠ I hope this post is real. If it’s real… he’s so cute ㅠㅠ He again closed the exit.


5. [+17, -3] I think it’s real… What kind of a person would write this long just to troll?

Greatest writer Shakes pare

Shakespeare is an english writer. He wrote many things. And he touches upon every point in English Literature. One side he is a Romantic poet and an another side he is a tragic and comedic poet and great Dramatist. He wrote many sonnets and poem. Through his writes he immortalize himself.

Baptised 26 April 1564Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England
23 April 1616 (aged about 52)Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England
Playwright, poet, actor Literary movement English Renaissance theatre
Anne Hathaway to William Shakespeare

Susanna HallHamnet ShakespeareJudith Quiney


Shakespeare’s wrote154 Sonnets
Venus and Adonis
The Rape of Lucrece
The Passionate Pilgrim
The Phoenix and
the Turtle A Lover’s Complaint Lost plays
Shakespeare’s works include the 36 plays printed in the First Folio of 1623, listed below according to their folio classification as comedies, histories and tragedies.
Main article: Shakespearean tragedy

Romeo and Juliet



Coriolanus Titus
AndronicusTimon of Athens
Julius Caesar
Troilus and Cressida
King Lear
Antony and Cleopatra
Main article:Shakespearean comedy
The Merchant of Venice
The Merry Wives of Windsor
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Much Ado About Nothing Pericles, Prince of Tyre
The Taming of the Shrew The Tempest
Twelfth Night The Two Gentlemen of Verona The Two Noble Kinsmen
The Winter’s Tale
Main article: Shakespearean history
King John Richard II Henry IV,
part 1 Henry IV, part 2 Henry V Henry VI, part 1† Henry VI, part 2 Henry VI, part 3 Richard III Henry VIII.

Why editors should attend the benefits ball

I have no idea what you are doing in life, but it is likely that you have already been involved in creating a product or service. If you did, you&39;d also have the impression that it was the best thing since the toffee popcorn (or whatever your particular vice).

This is not a bad thing. You would have fed it since your brainstorming session until its maturity. It was you who were there when the problems had to be solved. In fact, I&39;m willing to bet you were so close, that was all you could talk about. And what did you talk about? Probably his main features – what he did because that was what was really great.


False. I&39;m not saying that it&39;s a bad thing – far from it, we all want to know what it&39;s like. But when you go to the editor and try to sell it to someone via your website, brochure, or ad, you need to understand that what your potential buyer really wants to know is How is he doing advantage their.

A copywriter will focus primarily on these questions: what will he do for them? Why should they spend their hard-earned money on your product or service?

For example, you made a pair of football boots and your sales copy reads as follows:

  • they are made from the finest Italian leather that fits your foot
  • they have titanium studs
  • they come in a wide range of colors

Guess what your reader will think. They will say "what then" while turning the page to read the latest celebrity gossip.

But if you sell them by saying that if you wear your football boots, they will be transformed into a world-class player (a bit extreme, I know, but that gives you the idea), it&39;s a advantage. The features will help streamline a buying decision, but these are the benefits that will allow them to hand over the credit card.

Give your customer a good reason Why they should buy your product and they will.

5 secrets to finding profitable home business niches

One of the biggest mistakes most entrepreneurs make is insufficient market research before they enter a specific niche. Market research does not need much time and money. Instead, you may save a lot of time and money through prior market research. Here are some places to do some research

1) Search engine directories

Google directories and Yahoo directories are filled with topics of varying popularity (you can see the number of sites in a particular category). A good place to start is to find a topic that is popular and has the potential to make and sell products.

2) Magazines and tabloids

These things are full of useful ideas on current issues in today&39;s society. These topics are mainly dealt with in these magazines because they sell themselves. Also note the headlines in these magazines. Usually they are very tempting and we can learn a lot from these titles.

3) Search engines

Google and Yahoo are good ways to monitor the search volume. Search specific keyword phrases and keywords to see if enough people are searching for phrases every month to get a realizable number of hits.

4) Trends in transition

If you&39;ve noticed places like MSN News, these are usually updated with the latest hot topics, whether it&39;s the latest diet or the latest celebrity gossip. If you bet on these trends, you have the potential to earn a lot of money with them. If you&39;re talking about trends, you can use Google Trends to monitor the trend increase. For example, some trends are seasonal, and you will see an increase in deer hunting during the deer hunting season.

5) Google Keyword Tool

Last but not least, this powerful tool lets you measure search volume and advertising competition and find similar keywords with different search volumes. This can help you identify what keywords you should target for SEO purposes to maximize targeted traffic to your home business website.

Top 10 Hottest Bollywood adult movies list l actress name and their social media accounts

  1. Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1996)
  2. B.A. Pass 2012
  3. Ek Chhoti Si Love Story 2002
  4. Hunterrr 2015
  5. Mastram 2013
  6. Nasha 2013
  7. Julie 2004
  8. Sins 2005
  9. Jism Series
  10. murder Series

Kama Sutra: A Tale of
Love (1996

Tara and Maya are two inseparable friends in India. Their
tastes, habits, and hobbies are the same. Years later, the two have matured,
but have maintained their friendship. Tara gets married to the local prince,
Raj Singh, who soon succeeds the throne as the sole heir. After the marriage,
Raj gets bored with Tara and starts seeking another female to satisfy his sexual
needs. He notices Maya and is instantly attracted to her. He has her included
as one of his courtesans and is intimate with her. Watch what happens when
Tara finds out and the extent she will go to keep her marriage intact.

Indira Varma

Hottest Bollywood movies, Hottest movies, Hottest Bollywood movies actress, Hottest Bollywood scene, Hottest Bollywood clips, Hottest Bollywood actress social media accounts
Hottest Bollywood movies, Hottest movies, Hottest Bollywood movies actress, Hottest Bollywood scene, Hottest Bollywood clips, Hottest Bollywood actress social media accounts
Hottest Bollywood movies, Hottest movies, Hottest Bollywood movies actress, Hottest Bollywood scene, Hottest Bollywood clips, Hottest Bollywood actress social media accounts

Sarita Choudhury

Hottest Bollywood movies, Hottest movies, Hottest Bollywood movies actress, Hottest Bollywood scene, Hottest Bollywood clips, Hottest Bollywood actress social media accounts
Hottest Bollywood movies, Hottest movies, Hottest Bollywood movies actress, Hottest Bollywood scene, Hottest Bollywood clips, Hottest Bollywood actress social media accounts
Hottest Bollywood movies, Hottest movies, Hottest Bollywood movies actress, Hottest Bollywood scene, Hottest Bollywood clips, Hottest Bollywood actress social media accounts

B.A. Pass 2012

A young boy is
seduced by a woman who later turns him into a gigolo (male prostitute).

Shilpa Shukla

A post shared by Shilpa Shukla (@shilpashukla555) on

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Ek Chhoti Si Love
Story 2002

A story of coming of age of a young 15-year-old boy,
Aditya, who spends his free time spying on a young woman in the opposite
building with a telescope, ready to give his life for her love. The young woman
is enraged, and then amused when she finds out and decides to teach young
Aditya a lesson that he will never forget in his life.

Manisha Koirala

A post shared by Manisha Koirala (@m_koirala) on

A post shared by Manisha Koirala (@m_koirala) on

Hunterrr 2015

Mandar, an ordinary guy is obsessed with sex and chases
girls until he meets Tripti and decides to settle down with her.

 Sai Tamhankar

A post shared by Sai Tamhankar (@saietamhankar) on

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A post shared by Sai Tamhankar (@saietamhankar) on
Radhika Apte

A post shared by Radhika (@radhikaofficial) on

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Mastram 2013

How a clerk became an erotica writer.

Tara-Alisha Berry

Nasha 2013

An 18-year-old
boy falls in love with his 25-year-old drama teacher.

A post shared by Poonam Pandey (@ipoonampandey) on

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Julie 2004

A heartbroken Julie comes to Mumbai to make a living, but the fast-moving
the city will force her to take prostitution as her profession.

Neha Dhupia

A post shared by Neha Dhupia (@nehadhupia) on

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Sins 2005

A Catholic priest becomes romantically involved with a young woman.
 Seema Rahmani

Jism 2003

Kabir Lal is an alcoholic lawyer. One day, Kabir meets
Sonia Khanna, the wife of a travelling millionaire. They embark on an affair,
which leads Sonia to convince Kabir to murder her husband, Rohit Khanna. Kabir
soon finds out that Sonia’s motivation for the killing was to get her hands-oner husband’s money and property, not to run away with Kabir. The movie ends

Bipasha Basu

Jism 2 2012

Izna, a porn star, is
tasked by an Indian Intelligence Agency to seduce her ex-boyfriend Kabir, a
dreaded assassin, in order to steal vital information relating to his sleeper
cell contacts.

Sunny Leone

A post shared by Sunny Leone (@sunnyleone) on

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Murder 2004

Unhappy with her marriage with a workaholic man, a woman finds solace in her
lover and starts a steamy affair. But this fills her with guilt and leaves him,
but he is determined to get her – at any cost.

Mallika Sherawat

A post shared by Mallika Sherawat (@mallikasherawat) on

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Murder 2  2011

An ex-cop is hired by a pimp to find missing call girls and the man responsible
behind their abduction.

Murder 3  2013

A hot-shot fashion and wildlife photographer Vikram gets into a relationship
with Nisha. She moves in with him in his palatial house outside of the city.
The old world house, ade decades ago is as beautiful as it is scary. It holds
many secrets which Nisha is soon to unearth; of the life of the man who made it
and of Vikram, who is dealing with the mysterious disappearance of his former girlfriend

Golden Globes 2013: What the Stars Wore!

Jennifer Lawrence, Emily Blunt and Jessica Alba

Jennifer Lawrence was a winner in more ways than one at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills Jan. 13.

The 22-year-old glided down the red carpet in a coral organza Dior Haute Couture dress featuring a structured bustier and metal belt. The Silver Linings Playbook star — who was named Best Actress in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical — completed her look with Brian Atwood heels and Chopard jewelry.

Fellow nominee Emily Blunt showed off her toned abs in a gold Michael Kors dress featuring side-cut-outs. The Salmon Fishing in the Yemen actress, 29, carried a Salvatore Ferragamo clutch. Presenter Jessica Alba stood out in the sea of stars, largely due to her $5.8 million Harry Winston diamond necklace. The Sin City actress, 31, looked radiant wearing Oscar de la Renta’s silk faille trumpet gown.

Several of Hollywood’s hot new moms showed off their jaw-dropping post-baby bodies inside the Beverly Hilton Hotel, including Adele (in Burberry), Claire Danes (in Versace) and Megan Fox (in Dolce & Gabbana). Kristen Bell, meanwhile, showed off her growing baby bump in a jewel-encursted Jenny Packham number.

Other stars who stood out at the Golden Globes include Kerry Washington (in Miu Miu), Marion Cotillard (in Dior Haute Couture), Jennifer Lopez (in Zuhair Murad), Amanda Seyfried (in Givenchy Haute Couture), Jessica Chastain (in Calvin Klein Collection), Nicole Kidman (in Alexander McQueen), Anne Hathaway (in Chanel), Amy Adams (in Marchesa), Naomi Watts (in Marchesa) and Jennifer Garner (in Vivienne Westwood). To see more than 70 looks, click here.

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Celebrities Without Makeup

The singers boards upon it always appear prettier and glamorous on stage, and a red carpet but what their faces without make-up?

Celebrities Without Makeup

Celebrities Without Makeup

Star it looks prettier and more young when he wore up. but to make women aged 54 years leather madonna is still strong and healthy.

Celebrities Without Makeup

Jennifer Lopez
Diva latina it seems confident enough appear in public without make-up because still look pretty.

Celebrities Without Makeup

Britney Spears
Star britney is one that actually more often not bermake-up when it is not working. But we admit, we prefer britney with tweaks cosmetics.

Celebrities Without Makeup

Katy Perry
This photograph was taken, russell brand ex-husband katy, while they were married. Russell upload this photo on twitter but shortly immediately to delete it. Maybe because asked his wife.

Celebrities Without Makeup

Mariah Carey
Although always perform, glamorous mariah to play without make-up when should serve as a social worker film oscar winning the ” precious the “.

Celebrities Without Makeup

No wonder many magazines beyonce as enthrone prettiest woman in the world. Just look healthy and the sweet face even without make-up at all.

Celebrities Without Makeup

Nicole Scherzinger
This picture is uploaded nicole in the account twitternya as he completed a shower and still without make up.

Celebrities Without Makeup

Christina Aguilera
Never get out of the red, lipstick christina look different when his face unadorned.

Celebrities Without Makeup

Lady Gaga
Who knew reversed his often unique lady gaga having turns a beautiful face.

Celebrities Without Makeup

Faith Hill
Country music diva faith hill photographed without make-up when just got off the plane.

Celebrities Without Makeup

One female singer often divide shared photo without make-up on twitter account.

Celebrities Without Makeup

Taylor Swift
Makeup or without make-up, taylor swift iike always seemed almost perfect.

Elizabeth Taylor to Remain in Hospital for Several More Days

Elizabeth Taylor will remain at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for several more days to be treated for congestive heart failure, her publicist Sally Morrison said today.
It was confirmed earlier this week by Morrison that Taylor, 78, was admitted to the hospital after suffering symptoms from congestive heart failure.

Morrison did not offer details of the treatment and did not know exactly how long Taylor would be in the hospital.

“She had a pretty good day Saturday, and a good night,” Morrison said today. “At this stage, with her history, they’re going to want to keep her in for a while just to make sure they’ve fixed what they needed to fix.”

Previously Morrison expressed appreciation for concern from Taylor’s fans, but requested privacy for her client while she is being treated.

“Her family and close friends are appreciative of the warm support and interest of her loyal fans but have asked that people respect her privacy and allow her medical team the time and space to focus on restoring her back to health,” Morrison said in a written statement.

Late Thursday evening, Morrison denied a tabloid report that the screen legend was rushed to the hospital with intense abdominal pain.

“Ms. Taylor was hoping to attend the 25th Anniversary event of AmFAR last night [Wednesday] where she was honored by the organization,” read an e-mail to ABC News Thursday on behalf of Morrison.

“Unfortunately, the combination of the unstable weather conditions and the fact that she was feeling under the weather forced her to make the decision not to travel. A message from Elizabeth was released at the AmFAR event last night.

“It seems that the combination of her non attendance last night, combined with the fact she was photographed last week leaving her dentist’s office in a wheelchair, has caused a lot of negative speculation,” the statement added. “Thanks for your concern.”

Monsta X Wonho’s controversial phone lock screen?

Pann: Monsta X’s new controversy

1. [+51, -1] It’s this type of game

2. [+43, -2] It’s not a typical game. Search Destiny Child and see the female characters. They emphasize the female characters’ bodies with minimal clothing. It’s not just a problem of a typical anime otaku. It’s a problem of sexualization and female rights. The fact that he’s using a sexualized product is disappointing enough… I wouldn’t care if he was doing this in private but did he have to put that as the lock screen?

3. [+42, -1] That’s a game character and the game has really bad illustrations. One of the female characters is wearing a swimsuit that has a zipper on the crotch. I think this is why it’s controversial.

4. [+21, -0] This is a chocolate sold in Japan. Are you gonna say it’s OK because it’s just food? Whether it’s anime or game, the fact that he’s using a sexualized product and using it as the lock screen is problematic.

5. [+16, -0] It’s not a controversy but it’s a turn-off

6. [+16, -0] I can understand being an anime otaku but why use the sexualized anime character… It’s a bit of a turn-off.

7. [+12, -0] I get that he likes it but why is he using it as the lock screen, not a home screen?

8. [+11, -1] I thought it was just a game character but the picture of the characters made me gasp.