2AM’s vocal talent

2AM’s vocal talent – K-POP, K-FANS

2AM’s vocal talent

Article: 2AM’s growth… Between idol and vocalist (interview)

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+1239, -29] Their songs are good but the company doesn’t promote them

2. [+982, -31] I’m not their fan but I like how their songs have emotions. They sing well

3. [+937, -24] That’s correct. 2AM is between idols and vocalists

4. [+690, -26] I can see their growth with each comeback and interview. I want to see them as a group for a long time

5. [+642, -25] Cheering for 2AM <3

6. [+109, -13] They’re like Nell in the past… Their talent is above a typical boy group but the company ignores them… Did JYP lose a sense in business… What’s wrong with them…

7. [+75, -9] I think they’re holding back their own ambition because they’re kind. Their songs are still good after a while

8. [+74, -12] They’re talented enough to succeed anywhere but the company doesn’t promote them

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