Alia Bhatt Spoken on the Breakup with Sidhart Malhotra – Finally

Alia Bhatt on ex Sidharth Malhotra – Finally:

Industry of the stars is a corner of stories and stories that have tons of affairs. Some of those succeed to be remained hidden while some come up with top stories. Some of those affairs succeed to make a long lasting relationship and some bursts with many clashes. 

The gorgeous and the cutest face of Bollywood film industry Alia Bhatt and “Student of the Year” leading actor Sidharth Malhotra had an affair once and now that has been a story of the past. Once they were love birds. For some unleashed reasons they have a breakup between them. Both of these did not burst like many of the celebrity’s stories. They felt that they have traveled enough together and they cannot continue more, they changed their directions respectfully. The good thing of their breakup is they are still good friends. Although, they meet very rare now. 

It was revealed in the famous Bollywood director and producer Karan Johar’s talk show “Coffee with Karan”, when Sidharth explained that they have not met more than an year. When Alia Bhatt was asked about Sidharth’s statement then she opened up for the first time and said,

“Yes, I have watched the episode. Sid and I did meet actually. They had shot the episode much before we met so he must have said that. But we have obviously met recently and it was extremely normal.”

Remind that both of the former love birds were together in the Bollywood delegation meeting with Indian Prime Minister “Narindra Modi”. This session was held in the previous month of January. The interesting thing was that Alia Bhatt’s current boyfriend Famous Bollywood hero “Ranbhir Kapoor’ was also a part of the delegation.

Moreover, Alia Bhatt celebrated her “Valentine Day” with Ranbhir Kapoor which is a hot subject and much viral on the social media. Both love birds enjoyed a dinner and were very happy. 

Alia Bhatt is a very intelligent girl, when she was asked about the Sidharth Malhotra’s statements in the Karan Johar’s talk show then she did not burst and politely explained that we are still good in relations. She said, we spent very good time between them, I still have enough respect for Sidharth and I am sure that she must be having the same for her as well. We were together and spent a valuable time, but now there nothing between us except a respectable relation.