Ananya Panday would not make her debut this year with “SOTY2” and “Gully Boy”

Ananya Panday would not make her debut this year with “SOTY2”
and “Gully Boy”:
Following on the way of your ancestors is a faithful act. Actor’s
children become actors is very good and it too good when they rise as they fulfilled
the place was vacant after the ancestors.
Famous Bollywood star of his time Chunky Panday was a
successful actor in late 1980s. His gorgeous, stunning daughter Ananya Panday
has raised enough to challenge the Bollywood stars.
Ananya is gorgeous, Stunning and much pretty, in fact she
has have been gifted beauty by the might creator. Ananya has stepped in
successfully in the Bollywood with the most top name of directors the one and
only Karan Johar.
Ananya has some un-wanted conditions to face. She is busy in
these days to complete her debut film “SOTY2 (Student of the Year 2)”. Which was
predicted to release at the end of this but now due to un declared reasons, this
film postponed to next year 2019 summer.

Meanwhile, Ananya was busy with an-other debut
film “Gully Boy” too which is also re-dated to next year Valentine’s day from
this year. No matter how and why this delay is but only it can be hopped that
Ananya may have a big entry to the industry.