Baekhyun fans bash Kyuhyun for his statement on Radio Star

Instiz: Kyuhyun gets hate from Baekhyun fans for his statement

Radio Star MCs talked about how Baekhyun’s ticket power went down after his dating news. Kyuhyun said,

“We still need a lot of people to come”

“(Before the dating news), the tickets were always sold out and were even sold with premium prices. It used to be like that… but…”

Baekhyun fans got mad at Kyuhyun’s statement and tweeted:

– Fucker ㅋㅋ Ah fuck I wasn’t gonna swear at other celebrities but ㅋㅋ Are you a new attention seeker? Your musical is sold with 9900 won at half price and it’s even promoted with lots of invitations

– Kyuhyun, how about you sell your tickets first ㅋㅋ You should’ve worried about your own musical… Your musical releases invitations, discounts for 50000 won, and it’s sold with 9900 won. But you still sell less than my baby ㅋㅋㅋ

Ah fuck I don’t give a shit if I get searched. Kyuhyun you fucker, you have any jealousy against my baby? Your group like Kim Heechul seems so butthurt with their hoobaes who are doing well. Enough ㅋㅋ

The more I think of it, they more I become speechless. His musical offers all sorts of discounts but the seats are still empty. And he even did a screwed up interview to get Baekhyun criticized when the staff praises him. I’ve always felt that his nickname “maknae on top” was given for reasons. Well “maknae on top” is to put it in a good way

Cho Kyuhyun, don’t live like that. You look freaking desperate

– You guys should be so happy because your oppa is a big sunbae of my baby ㅋㅋ So the big sunbae is shitting on his hoobae? Isn’t the sunbae in SM? Isn’t he gonna be embarrassed when seeing him? If he’s a sunbae, then he should act like one

– This is why I’m hating Kyuhyun ㅋㅋㅋ The hoobae got shitted by his sunbae for no reason, can’t I just be a dick? Fuck the cancelled tickets are still better than having no popularity. Those elfs have nothing to say so they’re just blocking me. Big elf-sunbaes are scary

His tickets are sold with half price and 9900 won but he still talks shit, fuck

How about you sell your tickets first before running your mouth. You practiced with him and you’re his sunbae but you still wanted to be funny to talk like that? Your tickets are not selling well so they keep getting discounted but you brought Baekhyun into it and got him hate when Baekhyun is not related to it. I’m so mad fuck


– Well I still can’t forget the Sukira incident

– I think Kyuhyun said it well, why is he getting hate

– I think Baekhyun fans are just throwing their anger at Kyuhyun

– Baekhyun wasn’t even in top 3 of ticket power in the first place… Kim Junsu is

– EXO is the only group I don’t like because of all these fans