[Brave Journalists] An actor’s failed two-timing

[Brave Journalists] An actor’s failed two-timing – K-POP, K-FANS

[Brave Journalists] An actor’s failed two-timing

Instiz: Cool actor’s revealed private life

Actor A is a good actor with a friendly image. He was caught with a woman B by paparazzi. A clarified that they’re just friends, and the dating rumors were cleared. However, A was furious and he said he was going to sue the paparazzi company. There’s a reason why he was mad.

Apparently, A already had a girlfriend whom he was dating for a long time. He then started to flirt with B, and their flirtation was caught by paparazzi. He was about to be dumped by both his girlfriend and B. The pictures of A and B didn’t have much skinship, so they were able to say that they were just friends. But the pictures looked strange enough for people to be suspicious of flirtation. A’s girlfriend, of course, noticed it.

A’s two-timing was caught before it even began. A chose to cling on his girlfriend and got on his knees and apologized A. For a while, A had to be her slave. Their relationship seemed to be OK again, but his trust was lost, so they broke up eventually.

A got reminded of B and went to her, but B already got married in the past months. A decided to sue the paparazzi company and even met up with lawyers. His company stopped him and said it wasn’t gonna go anywhere. He did not sue the paparazzi at the end.

He’s not a flower boy type, but he has a lot of women around him.


– At first, I thought it was Suzy and Sungjoon, but B is said to be married so no ㅋㅋ

– I feel bad for his girlfriend

– B’s marriage is not WGM, right?

– An actor with dating rumors and the opposite is married. I think it’d be easy to find but I don’t know who

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