[Brave Journalists] Flower boy that dates nine women at the same time

(This rumor was posted 7 months ago)

Instiz: Flower boy star’s skills to seduce women (feat. Brave Journalists)

A is a singer and also an actor. He has pretty looks and is musically talented. When he was a trainee, he dated up to 9 women at the same time. These were his dating rules:

1) He didn’t date celebrities. He dated trainees and non-celebrities to avoid rumors
2) He avoided dating at popular places
3) He used the excuse of ‘being busy’
4) He told his girlfriends not to come to his company

He would meet one woman on weekdays, and two women on the weekends, total of 9 women.

According to the people who knew A, the reason why he dated so many women at the same time was because it made him mentally comfortable, and because he felt proud of himself for it. However, the biggest reason was this – A’s mother was a prostitute, and A was an unwanted child. A was raised by his mother only, and he lacked love from her. He fulfilled his loneliness by dating women.

He would tell the sad story of his family to get sympathy from women, and that was how he won their hearts.

A is currently planning to enlist, and he’s making a list of those that will support him.

During his debut days, his company didn’t care about his relationships. When the company finally found out about it, he was already a top star. A is in his late 20’s, so the company can’t interfere his private life, either.

(Acting-dol(?), pretty looks, musically talented, enlisting soon, in his late 20’s)


– I don’t think it’s FT Island. The story of A’s mother and the age doesn’t match

– The military and the age match the person I’m guessing…

– Hul, who is this