BTS’ ‘MIC Drop’ and ‘DNA’ get certified gold by RIAA

Article: BTS, ‘MIC Drop’ -> ‘DNA’ gets certified ‘gold’ for the second time by Recording Industry Association of America

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1792, -9] Another day, another record! That’s BTS!

2. [+1557, -6] Congratulations BTS~ I’ll cheer for you ^^

3. [+1547, -9] Since pre-debut, they had their dreams and anxieties. But they still advanced and achieved their dream by slow process and talent. They’re role models who inspire us as artists! I’ve only felt this once from Queen Yuna years ago. The whole world acknowledges them but they’re too big to be appreciated by the country… Cheering and supporting isn’t enough for their existence.

4. [+1373, -5] BTS!! Continuous surprises!! Congratulations~

5. [+1103, -10] Congrats BTS!

6. [+301, -2] It’s really amazing but it looks easy because BTS has too many achievements… Big congratulations <33

7. [+359, -3] Bangtan is a wall… Congrats! Global kings indeed.

8. [+265, -2] Congratulations… And please put their articles on the main page~

(Thanks to @gabili9 for the request!)