Celebrities judge their own looks

Hyun Bin: “I like my face because it looks average”

Kang Dong Won: “I’m seriously so ugly.” “Everytime I see myself on the monitor, I feel that I’m really ugly. My face looks dark and my cheeks look dark. I never see myself as handsome.”

L: “If I were to rate my looks, I’d give 50 out of 100”

Lee Yeon Hee: “I never thought I’m pretty. I’m average, a little bit prettier.”

Lee Junki: “I want to get old fast. I wonder why I look like this.”

Soo Ae: “I think I look very old-fashioned”

Go Soo: “I look average”

Shin Min Ah: “I prefer a skinny body. My broad pelvis and hips are my complex.”

Hyuna: “I’ve gotten fat”

Im Siwan: “My looks are C+”

Lee Min Jung: “I’m not a beauty”

Jang Dong Gun: “I’ve never thought I’m especially handsome”

Krystal: “My face is common. You can find it at every middle and high school.”

When Won Bin decided to become an actor, his father said, “A face like yours is common on a street in Gangreung.”

Won Bin in an interview: “I don’t really like my face”


Pann: Stars judge their own looks

– You know better about your own looks, I’m sure they just lied. Do you really think Won Bin doesn’t see himself as handsome when he looks in the mirror?

– Did they just blurt out to look humble? ㅋㅋ

– I’m seriously annoyed

– How can Shin Min Ah say this ㅋㅋㅋㅋ A curvy body is 100 times better than a skinny one