Characteristics of "hip" cafés

The tables are tiny, unstable, and low

The chairs are high and uncomfortable

Concrete walls

The seats are so close to each other

At least $5 for a cup of Americano

The workers are extremely sensitive due to the number of customers

You become exhausted after going there

Pann: Characteristics of “hip” cafés

1. [+187, -7] Yes, I’d rather go to franchised cafés.

2. [+167, -3] Agreed. The chairs are either so close or very faraway from each other. It’s like they don’t know how to use the space ㅋㅋ And the big cafés always have very uncomfortable chairs and tables.

3. [+157, -4] I never go to those cafés because it’s so uncomfortable. It’s like they want us to finish the drinks and get lost.

4. [+70, -0] The drinks are only about 200mL ㅋㅋ Without the ice, it’s only a couple of sips.

5. [+54, -1] The reason why the chairs are uncomfortable is because they want the customers to stay for a short time. Smokehouses have chairs without the back support because they have to make the customers leave faster to get more table turns. It’s a problem if a café is doing this because the price of the drink includes the seat. Otherwise, they should be charging $2 for Americano.

6. [+52, -2] Agreed. Franchised cafés are major corporates so they’re strict with the hygiene and portion. It’s better to go to franchised cafés instead.

7. [+40, -1] Characteristics of Instagram cafés. They’re more like tourist spots. You go there to take pictures, not to chat. Franchised cafés like Starbucks is for having a chat.

8. [+37, -1] Just put an espresso machine here and it’ll become a hip café