"Cristiano Ronaldo" baby was taken to hospital

Son of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal was taken to hospital on Wednesday 14 /7 according to media reports.

Ronaldo’s son, who just turned 4 last week and named Cristiano Jr., Taken to the Hospital Particular do Algarve, in the player’s home country, Portugal, told The Sun.

Some pictures show a blond woman who could not be identified, was carrying what were believed to be Ronaldo’s son into the hospital. The baby was taken to the hospital by the younger sister is a soccer player, Katia, who quickly drove the car.

According to The Sun, the group passed two hours in the hospital before going to carry the baby and go home. But Portugal’s attacking team invisible.

Ronaldo is reportedly located at the north of Portugal when his son was taken to hospital, to attend the funeral.