EXO’s new song El Dorado

Pann: EXO’s new song El Dorado!!!!

1. [+249, -106] Other fandoms need to stop downvoting the comments

2. [+216, -40] Let El Dorado be a daebak

3. [+201, -39] I’m not a fan but El Dorado sounds amazing… I hope it does well

4. [+77, -6] EXO proved their talent for those that bashed EXO’s lip-sync and singing skills. Look how they’re singing while dancing a hard choreo with no lip-sync ^^ Other fandoms who said EXO’s comeback would flop are shutting up now ㅋㅋ Sehun and Kai are not untalented so please keep your mouth shut ㅋㅋ Let’s wish their comeback would do well! They get a lot of hate but in reality, they’re the most popular idols

5. [+75, -6] Promise is even more amazing. Lay, Jongdae, and Chanyeol made the song… I was fucking crying as I was listening

6. [+64, -6] I have no interest in EXO but it sounds great. I think it will surpass Growl