Find a sensation, Czech Politicians Be Model

By showing the existence in the political arena, a number of women parliamentarians and the Czech Republic would pose like a model-style calendar. In some photos that will be the cover of the calendar in 2011, four politicians from the party Public Affairs and even willing to wear unusual clothing, in order to erase the image of MPs who are serious and stiff. In the general election last May, the number of women MPs compared to the Czech reached the highest number of previous elections. Two women politicians, one of whom became candidates for mayor of Prague, Czech increasing the number of women involved in politics. As quoted from page Daily Telegraph, women politicians were each photographed twice for the 2011 calendar that will be sold and the proceeds to charity. “We want to attract the attention of the community that we have a lot of women who engaged in politics,” said member of parliament, Lenka Andrysova, who was photographed only once in the thigh-high dress in a kneeling pose. While Katerina Klasnova, deputy chairman of the lower house of parliament, was photographed in a pose lying on a bed wearing a loose robe. Czech general election in May and then managed to put 44 women into the lower house of parliament. In particular, young parties such as Public Affairs, which many women members, managed to get seats in parliament for the first time. Public Affairs and Top09, other new entrants in the Czech parliament, the coalition is now engaged in negotiations to form a new government following the Czech Republic. “Increase women’s political influence. Why do not we show that we are women who are not afraid to look sexy?” Marketa said Reedova, candidate 42-year-old mayor of Prague. Previously, Public Affairs has used a similar way to emphasize the presence of women in their party. When the campaign, four female members of the party appearing in a billboard poster wearing a black swimsuit.