F(x)’s finished promotions + Sulli’s hiatus

F(x)’s finished promotions + Sulli’s hiatus – K-POP, K-FANS

F(x)’s finished promotions + Sulli’s hiatus

Pann: f(x)’s promotions are done + Sulli


1. [+310, -95] Hyuna has the best mentality. As pae-wang-saek, Hyuna is getting much more sexual comments

2. [+298, -15] I guess Choiza was one of the biggest reasons for it. He didn’t have to go on variety shows but he did. He should’ve protected his girlfriend. Find strength, f(x)

3. [+203, -11] I feel so bad for f(x). I’m sure the members would feel sad and sorry to end their promotions like this… SM didn’t really promote f(x) well. Honestly I think f(x) will be forgotten if a new girl group debuts

4. [+77, -27] There are people who are bashing Sulli for being irresponsible. Do you really think SM will let her rest just because Sulli whines that she wants to? Even though Sulli is “SM’s princess”, they won’t actually do that. She must be struggling dangerously so the company and the members decided to let her rest. Other idols get hateful comments too but Sulli also got sexual insults from the entire nation. Even I could tell that it was too much. She still managed to promote but Choiza came out and the sexual insults got worse. I think the situation was too hard for her to handle. I do feel bad that f(x)’s promotions were too quickly done, but it’s better for Sulli to rest than to have her explode. It’s not like this album is their last album anyways

5. [+67, -76] Don’t celebrities expect to get responses like this when they debut? They get love for their popularity, of course there must be some others who don’t like them. She even affected other members who all worked hard. If it’s too hard for her, then she should quit for her sake

6. [+66, -21] Amber tweeted that 5 members were one. Honestly I think other members are trying to comfort her. The problem is the netizens. I think they’re just using Sulli to throw their anger at. “SM’s princess”, my ass. Do you really want to say stuff like that? Sulli even dealt with the sexual insults from the entire nation. Find strength, Sulli

7. [+58, -4] Choiza you motherfucker, you were doing all this bullshit because you broke up with her, right?

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