Girl groups debuted in 2014

Pann: Girl groups debuted in 2014

Aila (Jan 1)

Pung Deng E (Feb 5)
The names of the members are Red, Blue, Yellow…

Lip Service (Feb 6)

Bebop (Feb 18)
In 2013, they sang an OST for Pretty Man

M.O.A (Feb 23)

1PS (Feb 27)

Melody Day (Feb 28)
Won a music video award at 2014 Melon Awards

Grade 7 Class 1 (Mar 11)
Had a controversy due to a member “bread shuttle”, which is a Korean slang of a bullied student

Scarlet (Mar 12)

Wings (Mar 12)

Billion (Mar 20)

Girl Hood (Mar 25)

Badkiz (May 14)

Bay B (May 20)

Berry Good (May 22)

Smile G (May 28)

Bob Girls (June 12)

Mamamoo (June 19)

Ye-A (July 16)

Red Velvet (Aug 1)

4L (Aug 4)
They promised to release a music video that exceeds Stellar

Pritz (Aug 13)
Controversial girl group due to their outfit that reminds of Nazi

Topic (Aug 19)

Laboum (Aug 28)

4TEN (Aug 28)

Minx (Sept 18)

Purfles (Oct 23)

D.Holic (Oct 29)

Lovelyz (Nov 10)
Controversial due to Seo Jisoo

A.Kor (July 29)
A girl group that dissed Park Bom

Sonamoo (planned to debut)

Girlfriend (planned to debut)