H.O.T fans tell other idols to stop using white

Pann: White is still H.O.T’s color!

This is Topp Dogg lightstick, right? I’m writing this post because of this.

Beast lightstick was dark grey first but they changed it because of us H.O.T fans. Rain’s was also white first but they changed the color. TVXQ, 2NE1, 2PM, Bigbang, Yoo Inna, Chaeyeon, ZE:A, MBLAQ, and etc used white but they changed the color because we told them to. 

Even though H.O.T members have disbanded, our official color is still white and we’re still using the color.

It’s Tony oppa’s lightstick.

Lee Jaewon’s.

Kangta oppa’s

Woohyuk oppa’s lightstick.

Woohyuk: “White is definitely our color. Did someone say otherwise? I will be responsible and I will protect it.”

See this? Woohyuk oppa even said this on Twitter!

“White is ours!”

Heejun oppa approved this on Strong Heart.

Jaewon oppa plays with a white balloon at an event.

Tony oppa also gives his autographs on white balloons.

The members are still showing that white is their color, so you shouldn’t be using this. Not even as a temporary color.

Topp Dogg, please change it. And to all the future singers, do not use white. White is still ours. No one can use white as long as Kangta, Heejun, Tony, Jaewon, and Woohyuk are still alive.


1. [+203, -301] H.O.T is already disbanded, you stupid fangirls. Learn to be generous and to give up for the hoobaes. Fin.K.L and Sechs Kies gave their colors to hoobaes. So why are you fans so obsessed with it?

2. [+189, -148] When will EXO change their color, though?

3. [+174, -13] The reason why Beast changed their lightstick is not because of H.O.T. Their first lightsticks weren’t working, they easily got broken and they didn’t function properly so they had to make new ones. If they worked properly, they would’ve used it until now. But of course, white is reserved for H.O.T. When the fake white lightsticks of Beast were being sold, H.O.T fans even stopped them from selling it. Even though we fans complain hard, the company won’t even listen…

4. [+116, -50] If everyone says, “this color’s mine, this color’s mine” then what are the rookie groups gonna do? Isn’t it childish to claim the rights of colors? Did all the Koreans approve that white is for H.O.T? Was there a petition? I think it’s wrong to just say “it’s mine, don’t use it”. Am I wrong? I’m honestly curious… As a non-fan, I think this way.

5. [+80, -2] Who even is Topp Dogg? Too many idols debuted last year so I don’t know who is who…

6. [+64, -17] Fucking childish ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The fans are childish enough but even the singers are claiming the color is theirs. I don’t care about idols but I didn’t know it was like this.

7. [+56, -4] The reason why Beast changed their lightstick to a rose stick is not because of H.O.T. But tbh the rose stick still looks white in the dark. It’s frustrating because it overlaps with EXO’s color. We complain about it but the company doesn’t even listen.


8. [+47, -12] Even though the team is disbanded, no one should be using the color if the members are still using it.

9. [+44, -38] EXO fans must feel guilty~