Hani exaggerates her tomboyish personalities?

Hani exaggerates her tomboyish personalities? – K-POP, K-FANS

Hani exaggerates her tomboyish personalities?

Pann: Hani’s looks and personalities are opposite

1. [+202, -272] I don’t like how Hani tries hard to look tomboyish

2. [+186, -49] Some people say they don’t like Hani trying to look tomboyish but I think it’s better than acting innocent

3. [+171, -207] I used to like her natural tomboyish personalities but nowadays, she tries too hard. Her face also looks like a man.

4. [+76, -23] Honestly speaking, she tries so hard to look tomboyish. On Running Man, she was wearing a bang roll and she burped beside Yoo Jae Suk. It’s not being polite. On other shows, she also put her hands in her clothes to adjust her mic and it was embarrassing. Rather than being tomboyish, it’s being rude on broadcast.

5. [+55, -15] This girl is the best when it comes to faking tomboyish personalities

6. [+52, -11] Hani always gets hate for her looks ㅋㅋㅋ How is her face considered ugly? I’m a girl but her face, personalities, body, and singing are all great.

7. [+47, -8] Why is Hani curling her bangs on every show she’s on?

8. [+43, -45] At first, I thought she was pretty but the more I see her, the more she disappoints. She tries hard to look tomboyish.

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