How Korean fans view Hangeng’s success in China

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Pann: Hangeng to be the first Chinese person to go into the space


1. [+245, -22] Wow…. time is the poison… now he looks like a Chinese ajusshi.

2. [+222, -30] This oppa’s legendary days… sob…


3. [+204, -102] I don’t really like Hangeng. He sneaked out of his company while promoting as Super Junior and he talked crap about Korea in China. He must’ve thought Korean fans are stupid ㅋㅋㅋ Don’t like this jerk.

4. [+80, -11] Imagine how it must’ve been hard for him to work in Korea. He couldn’t speak fluently, he didn’t know anyone, he was buried by other SJ members when he debuted, and other SJ members were having a hard time too so they couldn’t take care of him. Even if SJ members tried, he still would’ve felt left out. He’s now much popular in China and he’s even going to the space so I give props to him. No need to leave hateful comments.

5. [+77, -6] How do you get to do this kind of thing?? Going to the space… it’s the best miracle that could happen in your life.

6. [+72, -3] This guy is really amazing. He promoted as an idol in other country and he’s even an astronaut. He should write a book.

7. [+62, -35] I didn’t think he looked Chinese when he was in SJ… but now he completely looks Chinese. I don’t like him… He dipped out after getting all the money… just don’t come.

8. [+59, -3] I heard he’s like a god in China, just like Nichkhun in Thailand.

9. [+42, -2] When he was promoting as SJ, he came to a chicken restaurant I worked at… He came with his manager. He said other SJ members went to other restaurant. He was so tall and so handsome… wow… He looked so pale, I don’t know if it was makeup or him being sick, even his lips were so pale. But he was so handsome… and he looked like a foreigner…

10. [+40. -1] The reason why Hangeng left SM and went back to China was because SM promoted him too harshly. After Hangeng, SM started to treat foreign artists well.