How many songs do you know from this list?

How many songs do you know from this list? – K-POP, K-FANS

How many songs do you know from this list?

SS501 – Because I’m Stupid
Park Bom – You and I
Park Bom – Don’t Cry
NS Yoonji – The Reason I Became a Witch
NS Yoonji – If You Love Me
Secret – Shy Boy
Secret – Starlight Moonlight
Fat Cat – Is Being Pretty Everything
Song Jieun – Going Crazy
Yangpa – Love is All The Same
T-ara – Cry Cry
T-ara – Day By Day
IU & Kim Yuna – Ice Flower
After School – Shampoo
IU – Someday

Pann: How many songs do you know from this list?
1. [+227, -13] T-ara’s Cry Cry and Day By Day are really good songs… The songs weren’t popular because of the bullying scandal but even the MV was fun ㅠㅠ Make sure to watch it.

2. [+202, -8] T-ara was a top group at that time… They had so many hit songs.

3. [+146, -0] “If you make me sad with whatever reason~ I’ll make your eyes sting~”

4. [+63, -1] If it wasn’t the scandal, T-ara would’ve been the most popular group after SNSD.

5. [+56, -0] Does anybody know TTL? “Good person, you’re my first love, the one who taught me about love~ Never forget you I remember you, I only remember you”

6. [+51, -0] The Reason I Became a Witch is a great song to listen when you’re feeling emo

7. [+40, -0] The song T-ara and Davichi sang is also good. “We loved~ Please don’t make me cry… I only have you…”

8. [+34, -0] Because I’m Stupid was an OST of Boys Over Flowers, wasn’t it?

9. [+26, -0] I know 9 of them… Kim Yuna can also sing, she’s multi-talented.

10. [+25, -0] “When I miss you so much~ When I can’t endure it~ I murmur myself that I love you, I’m crying for you~” This is another banned song for university entrance exams. SS501 is a banned artist for university entrance exams.

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