Hyunseung’s withdrawal from B2ST

“Hello. This is Cube Entertainment.

We’d like to thank the fans who’ve loved B2ST and deliver information.

Starting from today, Hyunseung will leave B2ST, and B2ST will be a 5-member team including Doojoon, Kikwang, Yoseob, Junhyung, and Dongwoon. From now on, Hyunseung will be focusing on music production as a solo artist and not as a B2ST member.

Hyunseung and the 5 members all started out with different views on music and personality differences, and after continual discussion regarding their growth as a group, we’ve collected the opinion that B2ST should move forward as a 5-member group without Hyunseung.

For the last 7 years, B2ST and fans have worked to reach the united goal to reach the top without rest. This is why this decision wasn’t easy for the members or the company.

The 5-member B2ST plan to go forward into 2016 by preparing a new album and fulfilling domestic promotions. We ask that you give continual support and interest to B2ST and Hyunseung, who will be doing their best in their respective places.”


Pann: Hyunseung leaves B2ST

1. [+190, -15] The five members could do better. I don’t think the fandom will be that affected just because one member is leaving. It’ll be better since his akgaes will leave.

2. [+165, -3] I find it funny that they’re talking about personal differences when they promoted together for 7 years. If he was gonna leave in the first place, he should’ve performed properly. I also want to cheer for him… ugh.

3. [+152, -18] Bye. I won’t go to see you off.

4. [+90, -60] It was god’s work for Yang Hyun Suk to choose Seungri

5. [+53, -4] One fucking member is ruining the entire group. I hope B5ST does better <3

6. [+52, -4] Is he stupid? He was able to earn money because he was in B2ST… I don’t think he’ll do well as a solo. Troublemaker was popular thanks to Hyuna.

7. [+48, -23] The reactions are very different from Facebook ㅋㅋㅋㅋ People here are celebrating his withdrawal. Guys, you’ve liked him for 7 years. Don’t be too mean. Despite his controversies over the past few months, Hyunseung was still my bias in B2ST… I can’t imagine OT5 ㅋㅋ

8. [+40, -5] It’s really making me cry. Hyunseung you goddamn fucking asshole. But I love him, fuck. I’m really confused.

9. [+37, -11] Good

10. [+34, -0] Bye, I hope you don’t make the same mistake again. Chances like this don’t come often. I hope you do your best with your solo chance.