Idol groups that saved their companies

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Idol groups that saved their companies




Pann: Idols that saved their companies

1. [+259, -31] Infinite… They had to sell recycles to film a music video. They grew up a lot… I don’t stan them anymore but I’m so proud of them.

2. [+204, -34] Amazing

3. [+183, -35] Seeing the picture of the new company building makes me cry ㅠㅠ

4. [+108, -0] It’s a total bullshit to say B2ST and Apink saved Cube. 4Minute and B2ST are the ones that saved Cube. Apink fans are so shameless. Apink was included in many of the package deals during debut.

5. [+93, -6] YG was fully saved by Bigbang… But they always have overseas concerts and there’s no promotion. I’m so pissed off.

6. [+91, -47] Bangtan. They saved Big Hit from the mess of GLAM and the financial loss. They said they moved to a new dorm. They’re indeed feeding their company.

7. [+83, -0] I heard that the CEO had to sell his place to film the music video of Infinite’s Be Mine. They grew up a lot. And B2ST also saved Cube.

8. [+77, -4] Bigbang’s documentary is teary enough

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