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Infinite Sungjong

Pann: Sungjong is so charming


1. [+73, -7] If you compare his debut days, he hasn’t changed much and grew up well ㅋㅋㅋ This hairstyle is so cute, he’s like a dog ㅠㅠ


2. [+59, -3] (irrelevant)

3. [+44, -0] (irrelevant)

4. [+24, -3] When I tell people that Sungjong is my bias in Infinite, they’re like, “why him?” “Sunggyu or Woohyun is better” Not many people know his charms. He’s cute ㅠㅠ He doesn’t go on much variety shows and has little promotions… Please know his charms… He’s cute


5. [+24, -52] Sungjong gives off strong gay vibes

6. [+22, -32] I’m sorry but he looks gay

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