IOI’s music video looks like AOA?

IOI’s music video looks like AOA? – K-POP, K-FANS

IOI’s music video looks like AOA?

Pann: IOI’s music video

1. [+131, -19] Everything aside, I just want people to stop calling IOI ‘ah-oh-ah’. AOA has been called ah-oh-ah since before so you can’t call IOI the same way.

2. [+128, -14] It’s the exact same as AOA… They look like a copycat also with the similar name. I like the members but why are they like this?

3. [+113, -4] How is this unique

4. [+45, -1] AOA doesn’t own this concept but their shirts and tennis skirts are similar to AOA. That’s why they get called AOA copycat. Their group name is also similar. It feels weird and I don’t like this concept.

5. [+33, -22] They’re forgotten already ㅋㅋ

6. [+33, -0] There’s nothing wrong with wearing cheerleader outfits at a field. But it’s not like every idol group did this concept. Their name is similar enough to draw complaints and they also have similar music video background and song that reminds of Heart Attack. I expected to see something like Yum Yum since they said it’s unique but it looks just like AOA’s dongsaeng group ㅠㅠ

7. [+25, -1] Hul, I thought they were AOA

8. [+21, -2] I’m a non-fan who’s not interested in any girl group. Everybody called AOA ‘ah-oh-ah’. As someone who was a fan of a boy group, name is a very sensitive topic among fandoms. It didn’t blow up because AOA doesn’t have many fans on Pann. If this was a boy group, it would’ve caused a controversy. It’s like stealing a group’s name and even their nickname. I’d be so pissed off if I was a fan of AOA.

9. [+20, -0] Isn’t AOA called ah-oh-ah? Why did they have to choose IOI…

10. [+18, -5] It’s obviously copying AOA’s Heart Attack

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