Jordyn Woods Receives Apology for Being Bullied

Kylie Jenner teases a cosmetics collab with Kendall Jenner and fans are freaking out Taylor Swift shades Kayne West, Jordyn Woods is getting an apology and it’s neither Tristan Thompson nor Khloe Kardashian:

Khloe Kardashian’s feud with the creator of The Bachelor. For the call he, said they were in talks until Kim Kardashian exposed to him and then he shaded Coco on the night of the finale. Well as per the news, in a conversation with the press correspondent, former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay on her opinion on the matter.

She said, she had be down to help Khloe Kardashian if she decided to join in. Also our pod cast with Rachel will be coming out today. Well, it’s amazing so do not forget to check it out.

Meanwhile there are more news about Jordyn woods as the news are not cooled down yet. With Jordyn Woods, a company called “Bellami Hair” recently issued a lengthy apology to Jordyn woods after using her scandal as a way to promote their products.

The meme showed a photo of Jordyn after the scandal with the caption’ “when Kylie Jenner stops paying for your lifestyle” Including your hair extensions. For their latest post they apologized for being insensitive and insulting Jordyn Woods or anyone with natural hair.

Now to someone who wants an apology and it is “Taylor Swift” . She recently like to pose shade and Kayne West over his music video for famous, The most slam Kayne saying in his social media post, “the famous music video is straight up revenge porn at not to mention putting abuse victims next to their abusers and celebrating sexual assaulter. It was disgusting and he does not get enough crap for it.

This comes just a week after “Taylor Swift” subtly shaded Kim Kardashian calling her a bully for her national snake day tweet after leaking their private phone calls.

Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner may have a cosmetics collab on the way during an Instagram live video Kylie Jenner read a fan question asking for them to collab. She winked to the camera and said, “shhhh” Kylie also spoke more about the collab revealing that it is taking them so long. Mainly because of Kendall Jenner’s makeup contract with “Estee Lauder”.

There can be another reason is that, they hate each other’s guts. It can be most probably the contract though. Hopefully, their collab video comes out smoother. The one she just did with Mahmoud or Kris Jenner. You just follow your natural lip Ryan and then go way over.

I personally is waiting is this happens. I love both of these celebrities. Their collaboration would be full of make up tips. Meanwhile, Jordyn Woods is back in news again for bullying by “Ballemi Hair” company.