Kate Middleton Scandal: Family Business Cashing In On The Olympics

Kate Middleton Scandal Family Business Cashing In On The Olympics

Kate Middleton’s family went under investigation for illegally cashing in on the 2012 Olympics Games through their party planning business.

The Duchess of Cambridge is no stranger to fashion buzz, but this time around, her family may embarrass Kate with a scandal.

No companies are allowed to make money off the 2012 London Olympics unless they are an official sponsor.

“In the UK, the commercial use of any of the Games’ Marks (or any other marks or logos that are confusingly similar to or likely to be mistaken for them), is only permitted with the authorization of Locog, which is generally only reserved for official sponsors and for licensees,” the organizers’ website states.

However, “Party Pieces,” a party planning business run by Kate’s family members Carole and Michael Middleton, has been offering Olympic themed items as a part of collection named ”Celebrate the Games.” The website sells over 100 Olympic-themed items, including a 16-ft. multi-country flag bunting, a ring-toss game in Olympic colors, and a wall-hanging stadium scene setter, according to TIME.

“There are no infringements and the products are fine,” an official from the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) said Thursday.

”We will ask them to make minor changes to some copy.’’
Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton recently wrote an article on blog “The Party Times,” encouraging readers to purchase “Party Pieces” products.

Pippa Middleton post the article titled “Celebrate the Games and Support Team GB” with links to several party trinkets.

”As for games-themed party favours,” Pippa Middleton wrote, “Union Jack ponchos and novelty glasses make a special change from the normal party bag treats to take home.”
If found guilty, Middleton family could be fined over $30,000.