Khloe Kardashian Slammed For Dissing Fan Working To Buy Jeans

Kylie Jenner is terrified her relationship will end up like Khloe’s and Khloe reacts to a fan working to afford her jeans and people are not having it:

Khloe Kardashian has been having one hell of a year and not in a good way but despite the Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods what’s cheating scandal she will still defend her baby daddy.

She responded to a fan who tweeted “True” only needs her mom by saying he is a good dad to her. My sweet and special baby “True” will never be put in the middle of him and me. I can promise that why is she being so nice.

Well we are hearing exclusively that she is setting aside any resentment. She feels towards Tristan Thompson so that she can help nurture his relationship with “True”. She knows the best thing for “True” as if she interests and get along.

Khloe also responded to another fan on Twitter who said “she had to work 20 hours just to afford her good American jeans so I know these are not cheap and do cost upwards of a hundred bucks but I will also say that’s a competitive price for denim these days they cost you like an extra 100 bucks if they have a rip in them too.”

Coco responded saying, all this is so cute. I am so happy you enjoy that well fans were not feeling her response wondering why she thought it was cute. Many of them felt that she should have sent the fan a pair
Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott recall it’s been reported. (Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott To Break Up Following Cheating Scandal)They have been having serious trust issues ever since he was found out that he was deeming some other girls. Now, he was just spotted wearing a Kylie Jenner hoodie courtside at a basketball game. So it can be guessed that he is wearing his heart on his chest.

Adding to this, we are hearing exclusively that Travis Scott feels more in love with Kylie than ever before. It’s torture for him to be on the road and away from both Kylie and their baby girl the lovely and gorgeous “Stormi”. But we are being told that he wants to marry Kylie and would be heartbroken if she ever decided to leave him. 

Why would Kylie do that?

Well recall Kylie Jenner watched Khloe Kardashian go through two very painful and public cheating scandals. A source close to the make-up mogul told exclusively that, Kylie Jenner is terrified indeed.

Watching Khloe Kardashian’s embarrassing relationship ending, could happen to her to be humiliated. If Travis cheated or acted in a disrespectful way and had to restore me alone after watching everything go down between Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.

Kylie Jenner really hopes Travis Scott would never hurt her like Tristan Thompson hurt Khloe Kardashian.