Kylie Jenner Not Marrying Travis Scott After Cheating Scandal?

Kylie Jenner reacts to marrying Travis Scott:

Kylie Jenner reacts to marrying Travis Scott and below is the exclusive details on why she is a little worried, while Khloe Kardashian is slammed on Instagram and accused of photo-shopping her figure.

Khloe Kardashian she is ready to move on from Tristan Thompson. She is solely focused on co-parenting with Tristan and not in a romantic way. However the source claims that they are still communicating and always will. Coco wants the father of her child to stay in her life, no matter how bad things get damn.

Khloe’s one strong badass mama though, she is definitely letting her feelings for Tristan be known. She posted two emotional poems on Instagram. One is about convincing her mind to let go and the other is about almost being in love.

She does not say Tristan’s name but we all know who she is talking about. Like we really know she posts these every morning. Speaking of Instagram Coco is getting called out by fans after posting two new photos of herself in a tight bodysuit. They are accusing her of slimming down her figure pointing out her head is far too large compared to the rest of her body.

Fans also thought her thighs looked way too thin like this person who said girl your thighs do not match and I’m not trying to be shady just trying to let you know what the world sees.  Well Coco is getting even more hate on Instagram and it is once again about a decision she made about her own body.

She posted a picture showing off her new long purple nails. Which caused a ton of people to slam her because she is a mom now and they do not think that her nails should be that long. Some even went on to say that there is no way she could have changed a diaper. I think this is a little much and Khloe Kardashian’s responded to these haters before so non-story move on.

But, moving on to Kylie Jenner recalls. She reportedly accused her baby daddy Travis Scott of cheating on her after finding some questionable DMS. However according to the news, he has been bending over backwards to prove his love and erase any doubts that she has. I mean he did delete his Instagram for hot sake although she still loves LaFlamme.

Kylie Jenner is having major doubts as to whether or not. She should see him right now she obviously wants to trust him but after all of her recent drama she is just not sure especially now that she is a billionaire. She is a little more apprehensive about getting hitched. She would want to sign a prenup to protect all of her assets. But she knows that she is thinking about this then she probably should not tie the knot just yet.

However, we are also being told that Kylie Jenner thinks, things will be better once the flames tour is over. They shall be spending more time together and shall be a family again but Kylie Jenner is not going to marry the father of her daughter Stormi Webster in the current circumstances due to his cheating on her.