Lee Jong Suk’s bad manners towards fans

Pann: Lee Jong Suk ignoring a fan

I couldn’t believe this so I played the clip for three times and he clearly was ignoring the fan. He should’ve at least said sorry if he wasn’t going to accept the gift. In the clip, he’s pushing away the fan’s arm. 


1. [+248, -3] Response from his company is funnier. They said he avoided the fan because he was trying not to spill coffee ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ When the fan approached to him, he looked away and when she grabbed his sleeve, he did a full swing and looked at her as if he was looking at an insect. He was like “how dare you touch me when you’re so ugly!!!” I used to think he’s a good actor ㅋㅋㅋ Bye Lee Jong Suk.

2. [+198, -17] Imagine if it was a female idol ㅋㅋㅋㅋ If it was Suzy or SNSD, it would’ve been a huge controversy.

3. [+194, -3] One mistake can completely kill you.

4. [+101, -5] I knew Lee Jong Suk was this kind of person. When he was filming a movie with Lee Bo Young, he filmed a scene at my friend’s farm. My friend’s mom gave him drinks and said “you’re working hard when it’s cold. Drink this and cheer up.” She also asked for an autograph. He refused the drink and said he didn’t drink this kind of thing and complained his manager about the autograph. My friend’s mom was a fan of him but after seeing his arrogant face when she offered the drink, she realized that his image on screen was not everything. I knew this would blow up someday. -A comment on a Nate article-

5. [+89, -5] I knew I would see him in articles like this. He was getting popular for his fake image but I knew his real personalities. I went to see the filming of No Breathing. There were so many fans of him. Suddenly, he ran through the fans and got into his van. I thought he was doing an event for his fans but he was only hiding himself from his fans, who were waiting for him in the sweating weather. Meanwhile, Yuri was saying hi to her fans… Was it that hard to say hi? Stop showing off for your popularity. You’ll get hated if you keep ignoring the fans with your celebrity disease. The reason why you’re so popular is because of your fans. Get manners.

6. [+72, -6] I Can Hear Your Voice was filmed in a park near my house. It was a scene where Lee Bo Young was kidnapped and Lee Jong Suk was shouting at Jung Woong In through the phone. It was 11AM so there was only a few people but the crowd started getting bigger. I guess he found it hard to concentrate with the growing crowd. He went to the bathroom and shouted so hard. He was just like “AAAOHH!!!” Celebrities don’t show their frustration directly like that. I know he’s relieving the stress but is it right to shout like that when people can hear it? The staff had to put a black cloth on the phone booth. My friend also asked “is he shouting because he’s annoyed with the crowd?” When he left the park, he had an annoyed face. I used to be a big fan of him but I was so disappointed with that.

7. [+62, -0] Wow it makes me swear. It’s only one fan and she’s carefully approaching to him but he’s ignoring it. Even though she’s a stranger to him, he should know that she’s his fan. I think this is the end of Lee Jong Suk. He’s not good enough to be a higher actor. Other male celebrities who are more popular than you don’t pull a bullshit like you.

8. [+57, -0] Celebrities who are good to their fans succeed all the time.

9. [+55, -2] Wow Lee Jong Suk’s image making was so well-done. On the TV, he looked so innocent so I thought he would be nice. I saw the clip and OK let’s say that the coffee excuse makes sense. But why is he pushing away the fan and making the unpleasant face? It’s not like she’s approaching him like a sasaeng, she’s only trying to give him the gift. His facial expression didn’t even look like he was looking at a person, he was just ignoring her. Lee Jong Suk is getting hated at once.

10. [+55, -8] I hope his drama flops completely .