Lee Seunggi is praised with his heart-warming stories and a "good boyfriend"

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Pann: Lee Seunggi looking happy


1. [+83, -3] Be happy.


2. [+72, -4] Guys are jealous of Lee Seunggi and girls are jealous of Yoona! Be happy~


3. [+28, -0] At his fan sign, a girl with a hearing disability wrote “hearing disability” on a paper and showed it to him, and he smiled and told her “I love you” in sign language. She came out crying. I was so touched with this story ㅠㅠ


4. [+27, -0] A journalist was supposed have an interview with Lee Seunggi but the journalist was late so Lee Seunggi went to film his drama. The journalist waited until Lee Seunggi was done. Normally, the celebrities would refuse the interview because the journalist was late but instead, Lee Seunggi apologized for filming the drama for too long. I’m not a fan of him but he’s jjang…


5. [+23, -2] When I see Park Seo Joon couple on Warm Words, they remind me of Lee Seunggi and Yoona. I feel like Lee Seunggi would be a boyfriend like Park Seo Joon. An inspiring couple who can take care of each other.

6. [+21, -0] My favourite celebrity… <3


7. [+17, -0] Yoona knows which guys to pick.

8. [+16, -0] He looks happy~ I guess people have to be in love ㅠㅠ