Netizens talk about finding it hard to call someone ‘oppa’

Netizens talk about finding it hard to call someone ‘oppa’ – K-POP, K-FANS

Netizens talk about finding it hard to call someone ‘oppa’

Pann: I really didn’t know, do women find it hard to say ‘oppa’?

1. [+442, -4] The meaning of oppa became weird because some crazy idiots are obsessed with the word. When I’m with other girls, I call guys ‘this oppa’ and ‘that oppa’ but when I’m with the guys, I call them sunbae because I don’t want them to get wrong impressions.

2. [+336, -4] It’s cringe-worthy.

3. [+279, -3] Yes because I don’t have an older brother.

4. [+150, -1] I used to find it really hard to say.

5. [+143, -1] It’s because girls don’t want old men to think otherwise.

6. [+132, -0] I really want to live overseas. Age aside, I want to call everybody ‘Hi Tom!” “Hello Jenny!” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I really hate calling someone oppa and it’s so cringey ㅠㅠ Since I’ve known that guys get wrong impressions with ‘oppa’, I found it hard to use.

7. [+94, -0] It’s because you see stupid delinquents who don’t seem like oppars.

8. [+74, -3] Unless it’s a family member, it’s hard to use the word. Oppa is family so it feels like you’re calling a stranger your family. I hope people stop forcing me to call them oppa… When a guy asks me to call him oppa, I think, “who are you to be treated like oppa?”

9. [+62, -0] Lovers use ‘oppa’ so it feels like a word for a boyfriend. That’s why I can’t use it.

10. [+60, -3] I’d rather say ‘hyung’.

11. [+54, -3] Girls who have older brothers don’t find it troublesome but those who only have older sisters or younger siblings find it really cringe-worthy. I have two older sisters so I feel weird when I call my older cousin ‘oppa’.

12. [+35, -0] I must be the only one who doesn’t even call my older brother ‘oppa’.

13. [+33, -0] I can say ‘oppa’ to only handsome guys…

14. [+26, -1] Those who have older brothers find it comfortable. But I don’t have an older brother and my university had a strict sunbae-hoobae hierarchy so I had to call older males sunbae, not oppa. Other than that, I’m strict with human relationships so I barely have to call anyone oppa, either.

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