Original CLC member Go Seo Hyun

Pann: Original member of a rookie girl group CLC Go Seo Hyun

1. [+112, -30] She lied about dating Bangtan Jungkook

2. [+44, -1] It was a good choice to leave

3. [+31, -4] Seunghee is the main vocalist in CLC and she’s also so pretty

4. [+13, -2] It’s good that she left because CLC is completely flopping ㅋㅋ I just hope she’d do well on her own things. I felt bad because she got a lot of hate for everything that was revealed… I found myself cheering for her ㅋㅋ She’s indeed pretty.

5. [+12, -10] I heard that Go Seo Hyun was almost forced to leave CLC because other members were jealous of her. I don’t like CLC except Seunghee and Sorn.

6. [+11, -1] She was in the music video of Beep Beep, in the club scene. She’s pretty…