Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun’s Drama Has Been Revealed

Taylor Swift and newly hired Ariana Grande’s manager Scooter Braun has some issues between them and finally is has been revealed what was the actual story:

Days apparently go stick for scooter now.  hey guys its N Khalid here for CNV (celebrity newz n viewz) with your pop stars roundup. Even though, Taylor Swift is very much in the public eye right now. Her boyfriend Joe Alwyn has been pretty low-key. However, I am hearing exclusively that they plan to spend the 4th of July together. 


Taylor Swift is really looking forward to hanging out together as a couple. CNV (celebrity newz n viewz) has been told that she did not want to have one of her epic parties. Instead, she would rather have time to get herself with Joe Alwyn before she starts promoting the new album. Speaking of about Taylor Swift’s album, let us talk about her current music drama.


Over the weekend, Taylor Swift shared a lengthy post on her tumblr account reacting to Scooter Braun acquiring her former record label Big Machine. Which owns her first album up until reputation. Regarding to this Taylor Swift said that, “this was really hard for her as she claimed that she has faced bullying at scooters hands for years.


Now after Taylor Swift’s claims scooter apparently deleted his Instagram story. Where he reposted his friend congratulating him for buying Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift has been slamming him for this all drama saying, “things like scooter literally exposed himself in a now deleted Instagram story.


Before everything exploded this shows his intentions and proves he bullied Taylor Swift. Well after the news broke, “The Blast” reported to CNV that he actually tried reaching out to Taylor Swift on Monday but she was not interested in talking things out. 


Sources told the site that scooter was eager to explain his position in a mature and private phone call. Adding more to this he said that, he was shocked by her public reaction and is very hurt by the entire situation.


I shall be waiting for your feeling about the above mentioned story that what do you think is it legit or no? Please write down in the below comment box. 

Seventeen has gone downhill since giving up on the ‘fresh young’ concept?

Seventeen has gone downhill since giving up on the ‘fresh young’ concept? – K-POP, K-FANS

Seventeen has gone downhill since giving up on the ‘fresh young’ concept?

Pann: Has Seventeen given up on being public-friendly?

(OP criticizes Seventeen’s recent title tracks)

1. [+144, -4] Most of their core fandom has left since Home and Hit. It’s no wonder their digitals keep declining with their core fandom gone. The reason why Seventeen became popular in the first place was because of their fresh young concept. They were 1 in terms of that fresh young concept, that’s how they built their core fandom. Since this year, they gave up on public-friendliness and started focusing on the music they wanted to pursue. I think the members did give up on being public-friendly.

2. [+134, -4] I felt the decrease in their fandom power during Home and Hit ㅋㅋ A lot of fans were already starting to leave because of Produce 101 but Pledis still didn’t wake up and did Japanese concerts and gave baits every 2 weeks. If they cared about domestic fans and kept up with their fresh young concept, they wouldn’t have hit the bottom like this. What can you do when you can feel the hype is gone? If they wanted to win a daesang, they should’ve focused on public-friendliness and came back with another fresh young concept. They keep talking about wanting to win a daesang but the songs they release is the type of music they want, not the hype of music the public wants. They should give up on digital sales now. If their next song is also difficult and non-public-friendly and only liked by their fans, all of their core fans will be gone. 247, Snap Shoot, and Lie Again are getting better responses than their title track, enough said. If they have any idea what’s going on, please continue the fresh young concept that the public and core fans want…

3. [+127, -2] I’m a big fan and I just don’t know… I think it’s hard to expect better from their digital sales anymore. I guess they’re doing what they want.

4. [+77, -0] If you’re an idol, you must do the music you want only after you gain public recognition ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Oh My was really good, though…

5. [+68, -3] I’m a really big fan but I’m tired ㅋㅋㅋㅋ No matter how good the song is, the result is always the same. They’ve been on a wrong path since Home and Hit. They were fine during Pretty U, Don’t Wanna Cry, and Clap. But as the members age and keep releasing dark songs like this, their core fans left the fandom and their digital sales hit the bottom. It’s useless to wait for their digitals to go up. I think this is the limit of their digital sales.

6. [+67, -1] People say it’s because of the members’ age but it’s not like their age is bigger than the average age of idols. I don’t understand why they’re giving up their fresh young concept voluntarily. If they kept up with the fresh young concept until people recognized the concept as Seventeen’s, they could’ve became so much more popular… The fans of fresh young concept are getting tired and so am I ㅠㅠ

7. [+64, -6] Isn’t Home a really good song, though? Personally, it’s one of Seventeen’s top 3 songs along with 20 and A-TEEN.

8. [+59, -0] The only idol that my older brother knows is Twice, but he knows Don’t Wanna Cry, Pretty U, and Very Nice. In other words, Seventeen used to have very big public recognition. I’m not saying that they don’t have it anymore, I’m saying they were bigger before.

9. [+42, -0] When S.Coups went for tarot reading, the person told him to never give up on the fresh young concept. Why did they… They were fine until Don’t Wanna Cry, but Clap was such a bad song and their hair colors and makeup were such a mess. But the members did say they’ve wanted to do a dark concept, not the fresh young concept.

10. [+41, -0] Honestly, I listened to their title track once but didn’t want to listen to it again. Their new song is so messy. As a fan, I’m happy to see that they’re doing the music they want to do but I can’t help but feel sad. Daesang is already gone and I don’t even think they can win a bonsang…

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Tzuyu, Krystal, Irene, Suzy, and Yoona picked as top 5 visuals by idols

5) Twice Tzuyu (9%)

4) F(x) Krystal (11%)

3) Red Velvet Irene (16%)

2) Miss A Suzy (23%)

1) Girls’ Generation Yoona (27%)

Pann: Top 5 visuals of female idols

1. [+100, -5] Kwanghee said fellow idols find it hard to ask Yoona and Suzy out because they’re on a different level

2. [+87, -0] This is voted by more than 100 idols. It’s not a ranking made by random netizens that haven’t even seen them in real life. It’s done by celebrities that see them everyday.

3. [+84, -13] Yoongie is pretty

4. [+60, -10] Thanks for mentioning Tzuyu ^^

5. [+53, -0] This ranking is done by idols

6. [+44, -4] People keep trying to leave Yoona out but plastic surgeons recently picked Yoona as 1 beauty

7. [+41, -7] Suzy makes women’s hearts flutter <3

8. [+41, -0] Yoona, Suzy, Irene, Krystal, and Tzuyu are all pretty

9. [+38, -0] If the public votes, they’ll pick their favorite celebrities. Voting by idols is based on their looks in real life. They’re all amazing.

10. [+37, -34] Why is Krystal there?

Comebacks and dramas in December & 2016

December comebacks:

Dec 7 – Zico’s mini album & Lovelyz’s mini album

Dec 8 – Brown Eyed Soul’s 4th full album ‘Side B’

Dec 9 – god’s new release

Dec 10 – EXO’s winter special album & Yoonha’s new release

Dec 14 – iKON’s 1st full album & Yoon Mirae’s ballad release

Dec 21 – Turbo’s new album

Date undecided:

Jellyfish’s winter song

Baekhyun & Suzy’s winter song


Comebacks in the first half of 2016:


FT Island (also a concert)


SM’s new boy group


Upcoming dramas in 2016

‘Recklessly Affectionate’

Kim Woo Bin & Suzy

‘Descendants of the Sun’

Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo

‘Saimdang, the Herstory’

Lee Young Ae & Song Seung Hun

‘Cheese in the Trap’

Park Hae Jin & Kim Goeun


– Oh… Baekhyun and Suzy are a duet!

– Hah… The legendary U R Man is having a comeback

– BAP is also coming back in February with a concert~

– These days, I’m looking forward to TVN dramas rather than public channel ones

SM blocks Tao’s music video for copyright violation

SM blocks Tao’s music video for copyright violation – K-POP, K-FANS

SM blocks Tao’s music video for copyright violation

Tao’s music video gets blocked by SM on Youtube

Chanyeol’s Instagram comforting EXO-L

Pann: Tao’s music video on Youtube gets blocked by SM

1. [+215, -0] If I was SM, I also wouldn’t stay still ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They made him a star but he backstabs and calls it a waste of time ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I wonder what the members meant to him.

2. [+175, -4] It’s not because SM hates him, it’s because he used Black Pearl for the background music ㅋㅋㅋㅋ What a loser ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He’s using the mistake of the past for the background music?
– [+10, -1] The background music of Black Pearl was edited by a fan. The video was blocked for contract violation.
– [+8, -0] I’m sure the Black Pearl thing was made up by an i-roach?

3. [+165, -0] EXO was a waste of time for him and some say ‘One Love’ means ‘We Are One, Let’s Love’. The lyrics are gross.

4. [+49, -0] Even if he didn’t use Black Pearl for the background music, they’d still be able to block his music video for contract violation, right?

5. [+46, -0] SM reported his music video because he used Black Pearl for the background music. Black Pearl was sung to mean a new beginning after the withdrawals of the traitors. That fucking idiot used the song for his teaser. The fans trusted him and supported him so much. This is why I can’t believe Chinese idols.

6. [+41, -0] What the hell, he’s making me swear. A waste of time? It’ll still piss us off enough if he said it was an experience to debut in China. A waste of time? His words don’t fit. He’s pissing me off the most from the traitors that left. He said at a fansign last year, “guys, listen to be carefully. No matter what happens in the future, don’t give up EXO. And even if something happens, EXO will arise again, don’t worry. Thank you.”

7. [+41, -0] He was reported because he used Black Pearl for the background music

8. [+35, -0] This jerk can’t sing or do anything yet he’s debuting as a solo ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What bullshit

9. [+32, -0] I saw the translations of the song and it was a mess ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+27, -0] So are you planning on going on Chinese version of Law of the Jungle with your dad?


“[Exclusive] ‘EXO withdrawal’ Tao confirmed to be on Chinese version of Law of the Jungle”

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Bigbang’s revolutions to music industry

Pann: What Bigbang had left to the music industry

1. Lightstick

Bigbang’s lightstick was the very first official lightstick

2. Stereotype

Bigbang proved wrong to the idol stereotype that “idols are untalented, they’re products of a factory”

3. Style

GD’s hairband, piercings, TOP’s mint hair, Taeyang’s reggae hair, etc

4. Hip-hop

Bigbang brought hip-hop to the mainstream

Lyrics by an underground rapper – “Now, Bigbang is the monster in the music industry”


1. [+214, -15] When G-Dragon wore a skirt for the first time, he was called gay and all sorts of insults but then so many idols started wearing a skirt…

2. [+198, -13] Bigbang is revolutionary ㅋㅋ They debuted when I was in elementary school and everybody liked Bigbang

3. [+196, -19] I’m glad that the public thinks this way. I can understand the criticisms but I was having a hard time with unnecessary curses. Thanks, OP!

4. [+139, -136] What Bigbang left to the music industry: Idol smoking weed, rising sun flag on the stage, first murder of idols, first sex scandal of idols, first curtain hairstyle of idols. Taeyang has nothing to be bashed

5. [+103, 12] Top 1, 2, and 3 songs on Melon are Lies, Haru Haru and Last Farewell. There’s never a boy group that does so well digitally like this. Their album sales were also good so the experts chose Bigbang as the only group with good digital and physical sales. Music shows get 3% view ratings but when they had a comeback, it went up to 17%. It’s still the highest. This is the power of the public

6. [+86, -4] There was an amazing time when the entire school was VIPs…

BTOB Peniel’s comment on Trump’s win

“Today, an unnie I know went to a fansign. She asked Dong Geun what he thought of Trump getting elected and he answered firmly, “America is doomed” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

Pann: An idol’s reaction to Trump’s win

1. [+86, -1] Peniel is so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was wondering who it was when I was clicking the post and it’s Dong Geun ㅠㅠ I think he’s becoming my bias. I like all 7 members but I find myself searching Dong Geun more ㅠㅠ

2. [+66, -6] Wow, so cool. I think it’s really cool when a celebrity is honest about politics!

3. [+64, -0] Dong Geun needs to showcase his charms, they’re too good to be wasted. I like how he has more parts in the new album. Dong Geun is so cute and flawless. Even his name is Shin Dong Geun <3

4. [+40, -0] When Peniel wants to say something, his Korean sounds excellent ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Especially when he talks to poop hyung ㅋㅋㅋ So cute ㅋㅋ

5. [+30, -0] His parents met in America and got married. Peniel was also born and grew up in America. He got cast and came to Korea. Even though he’s promoting in Korea, he still might feel uncomfortable to talk about politics. But I really like how firm he is.

6. [+27, -0] Peniel doesn’t talk much but everything he says has strong opinions ㅋㅋ

Kim Yoo Jung doing idol dances on Inkigayo

Pann: Kim Yoo Jung copying idols on Inkigayo




Fangirling Bobby

Photo of her when she was a baby


1. [+111, -12] Woah she’s in grade 9 but she doesn’t lack. She was born with a celebrity’s aura

2. [+76, -6] Don’t ever get plastic surgery

3. [+58, -15] People like her have celebrity disease but Kim Yoo Jung behaves well and she laughs a lot. I think she’ll be like that for a long time

4. [+45, -4] So pretty… Natural beauties like Park Shin Hye, Sulli, and Kim Tae Hee have unique aura… Kim Yoo Jung can sing and act… She also has a good face and a good body ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Maybe I should die

5. [+13, -1] She grew up really well. So pretty

6. [+12, -2] The stylist ruined her pretty face with the styling

K-pop app messes up with idols

Instiz: An app aims for K-pop/hallyu fans but fails

“EXO Sungyeol”

Other Infinite members were all named EXO

The app says Yoona but the picture is Sunny

It says Hyun Bin but the picture is Siwon

It says Taeyeon but the picture is Sooyoung

It says Tao but the pictures are only Kai, Baekhyun and Suho.

The description says Baekhyun

It says Kang Minhyuk but why Jonghyun…

Changmin picture for Kim Hyun Joong?

It says Kim Hee Sun but the pictures are IU, Yuri and Seohyun

It says Lee Min Jung but the pictures are Shin Sekyung, Bomi, and Han Hyo Joo

It says Wu Yifan but the pictures are Tao and D.O


– They didn’t get anything right ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– Oh I didn’t know that Sunggyu was in EXO ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– There’s Himchan picture for Kang Minhyuk app 

– They could’ve got them right if they searched for the names at least

– What a mess ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The Sussexes’ First Family Holiday & Latest News Updates!

Good evening!

The royals have dispersed from London for summer break, enjoying holidays abroad and time relaxing in Scotland. According to several local reports from Spanish media, Harry and Meghan took Archie to Ibiza for his first overseas trip from the 6th to the 11th of August. Spanish newspaper El País reported the family stayed in a private villa before travelling by private jet back to the UK. The trip, which began just two days after Meghan’s 38th birthday, was likely planned to celebrate the occasion and was a nice opportunity to enjoy their first family holiday before their first tour as a family next month.

The Sussexes reportedly enjoyed gorgeous weather on the Spanish island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain. There were no social media sightings or images taken of the trio from what I’ve heard, so I expect they enjoyed quiet evenings in, good food and wine (Meghan’s favourite Tignanello), walks on the beach, and plenty of playtime with Archie whilst soaking up the stunning scenery…

A view of the old town from the port.

Meghan previously visited Ibiza four years ago with close friends Misha Nonoo, Benita Litt and Heather Dorak.

Meghan shared this post on Instagram with the caption, “We love you Ibiza”.

The trip came during several weeks of travelling Meghan did in August 2016, just weeks after she and Harry starting dating. In a piece for the Tig, Meghan reflected on her travels and having the luxury of time to celebrate:

‘Inspired by one of my favorite books by Elizabeth Gilbert, I decided to spend the month of August (with my hiatus from filming) to “Eat, Pray, Love.” Or, in my humble interpretation: eat everything, pray (and meditate) often, and simply love my life, every ounce of it.

With the support of some trusted friends who met me along the way for my various adventures, what I discovered was that with the incredible luxury of time, I was able to celebrate my life. And I say that because I don’t think you need money to do this. It wasn’t long ago (cough – about ten years ago – cough) that I only had $40 in my bank account, that I could barely book an audition, and that my circle of friends was even smaller. But even then, without all the pomp and circumstance, I made time to celebrate my life. Maybe it was a pizza and bottle of two buck chuck from Trader Joe’s with a couple girlfriends, tucked in for the night sitting on my living room floor. Or maybe it was a dance party in my tiny apartment or a sobbing session to purge all of those feels with my nearest and dearest.

This is all part of the eat, pray, love journey. Being present. Being vulnerable. The act of celebrating and really truly enjoying your life. And while the locales of my recent getaway were more extravagant than ever before, I feel certain that the same moments of “ah-hah,” the same self-hugs and acts of appreciation, could have been done in the cozy quiet of my home. And that, right there, is the point. To find your own eat, pray, love this week. To snuggle up and relish what you’ve got.’


Meanwhile, there have been several updates on the couple’s Sussex Royal Instagram account. They shared an iconic quote: “Words have the power to inspire, which is why we’re happy to share some of our favourite quotes. From members of the public to public figures, from teachers and students to young leaders, we begin with a quote from Diana, Princess of Wales.”

In addition to celebrating World Lion Day, they marked International Youth Day by highlighting inspirational young leaders. “As President and Vice-President of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (QCT) – an initiative that champions, funds and connects Commonwealth youth leaders working to change the world – the Duke and Duchess hope to shine a light on a few of these change making young leaders of the QCT, who are doing amazing things – not because they have to, but because they want to – a choice we all have in life.”

To celebrate World Elephant Day, the couple shared excellent news: “We are pleased to announce that since we followed our friends at Elephants Without Borders (EWB) on Instagram in July, when we were celebrating the environment, you and our friend Ellen (Ellen DeGeneres’ Foundation) have spread the word and EWB have been able to help protect 25 elephants by fitting them with satellite navigation collars! These collars allow the team at EWB to track the elephants, as well as to learn their essential migratory patterns to keep their corridors safe and open so future generations of elephants can roam freely. In honour of this amazing support, EWB have named their most recently collared Elephant…ELLEN! We can’t wait to see where she will go! Two years ago on World Elephant Day, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex joined Dr Chase to help in this conservation effort.” Unseen photos from Harry and Meghan’s 2017 trip were included in the post.

‘The Elephant Hair Bracelet is perhaps one of the most recognized pieces of symbolic jewelry of its kind.

Tribal Legend over 2000 years old states that the soul of the elephant passes through the tail when he dies. The sacred strands of hair from his tail are then woven and knotted in a symbolic manner to form a bracelet which evokes the power to protect its wearer with the elephants strength, wisdom, and spirit.

Worn on the left wrist brings luck in the hunt or quest.  Worn on the right wrist brings success in exploits of love. The four knots represent earth, sun, moon, and stars. Opening and closing the bracelet each time its worn passes the knots over the strands which symbolize the changing seasons creating harmony and balance between earth and it’s people.

With the decline in the population of the African Elephant, we have chosen not to add to the shortage by using elephant hair, but rather offer a more attractive and longer lasting piece of jewelry, still representative of the old Africa.’


It now comes in a new camel colour which would be a fabulous choice for Meghan for daytime engagements. Marks & Spencer is one of several British retailers Meghan is teaming up with for Smart Works.


I expect a trip to Balmoral to spend time with Her Majesty, Prince Philip and other members of the Royal family is next on the agenda. With Harry confirmed to attend the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final in his role as patron on Saturday, 24th, the coming weekend seems likely for a few days in the Highlands. If they are there on Sunday, we should see photos of them arriving at church.

A number of you have been in touch regarding the itinerary for the couple’s tour next month. It’s understood it will kick off in mid September, meaning we should see the full itinerary in a fortnight or so; of course, it’s possible we’ll get information on the dates sooner. Royal reporter Omid Scobie says the tour will last around eleven days and we’ll see Meghan take on her own solo engagements in South Africa, most likely while Harry visits Malawi, Botswana and Angola. The schedule is said to cover a number of areas including education, young people, conservation and women’s empowerment. Before that, Harry and Meghan’s royal foundation is expected to be launched with an environmental and community-based project led by Harry. Meghan’s clothing collection in support of patronage Smart Works is also expected to launch next month.