Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta
Preity Zinta
Preity Zinta
Preity Zinta
Preity Zinta
Preity Zinta
Preity ZintaOriginal Name : Preetam Singh Zinta
Screen Name: Preity Zinta
Born: January 31st , 1974
Birth Place: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India
Nationality: Indian
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 5’5″ or 1.65 m
Weight: 52 kgs (M/L)
Hair Color: Black
Occupation: Model & Actress

Preity Zinta is an Indian film actress.She is one of the most beautiful stars in Indian cenima, She is hot and sexy and love to have fun with all kinds of people. Preity Zinta has appeared in Hindi films of Bollywood, as well as Telugu, Punjabi and English language films.

After graduating with a degree in criminal psychology, Zinta made her acting debut in Dil Se in 1998 followed by a role in Soldier the same year. These performances earned her a Filmfare Best Female Debut Award, and she was later recognised for her role as a teenage single mother in Kya Kehna (2000). She subsequently played a variety of character types; her film roles along with her screen persona contributed to a change in the concept of a Hindi film heroine.

TOP’s sexiness

Pann: TOP still looking handsome in hiking clothes


1. [+67, -0] “It hurts!!” ㅋㅋㅋ Unexpected charm


2. [+61, -2] I don’t see the hiking clothes, I can only see his face…


3. [+48, -0] Oh hold on… TOP hyung is… is revealing his arms…


4. [+22, -0] He’s the person who pulled off a combination of a suit and a padding jacket.. I would hike any mountain as long as I’m going with you ㅠㅠ


5. [+16, -0] His unexpected charm is amazing <3


6. [+11, -0] So handsome…


7. [+11, -0] Heart attack


8. [+10, -0] He’s very charming.

9. [+9, -0] I never knew those clothes were so revealing.

10. [+7, -0] Dead


Selena Gomez Steps Out After Hospital Scare

Wikio – Posted 6/12/11 07:59pm CET 01:59pm CT ( USA)

1307891971_gomez-hospital_290.jpgSelena Gomez paid another visit to an L.A. hospital on Saturday. The 18-year-old singer and actress stayed at a facility overnight on Thursday following an appearance on The Tonight Show; Gomez had reportedly complained of nausea and a severe headache, and underwent routine tests to diagnose what went wrong.
One insider tells Us Weekly that Justin Bieber‘s love collapsed from food poisoning coupled with exhaustion. But before her hospital stay, “Selena was nothing but professional” at the Tonight Show, another insider says.
“She did a backstage interview and hung out with Jim Carrey after the show. The Tonight Show people didn’t even know she wasn’t feeling well.”
But the Monte Carlo star is set to perform for fans on Monday at Santa Monica Place — kicking off her 10-city tour — in a show rescheduled from Friday.

Hollywood star Jenifar Hudson


Jenifar Anitson is a well-known Hollywood film star. She is looking very good. She is very careful about her face. Enjoy here .

Jennifer Aniston has said no to Botox after her first surgery left her face frozen. The former Friends star, who has previously confessed to having the skin-smoothing injections once before, but didn’t like the results, hates how it takes the character from people’s faces and leaves them expressionless, Contactmusic reports. She told : “You see women and you know they”re not young but you can”t tell how old they are. It makes them look harder. “The warmth in their face goes away. It is not a good look.”

Scrapbooking magazines that you can not take down

Most women around the world like to read magazines from time to time – you can not deny the attractiveness of featured articles, celebrity gossip, recipes, problem pages, health issues and pleasure to turn your house into a palace by using photos provided as a guide. But how often do you find yourself reading an end-to-end magazine – not all pages can interest you at any given time. Can you say that, however, on scrapbooking magazines!

When you have a hobby as addicted as scrapbooking, you have the impression of devouring every word of the page, lest you miss something useful that you can incorporate into an ongoing project. And once you start reading a scrapbooking magazine, it&39;s unlikely you&39;ll flip through the pages as you might have done otherwise.

Most scrapbooking magazines are distributed on a monthly or bi-weekly basis and you can buy them at bookstores or you can subscribe online and have them delivered to your home without having to worry about missing an edition. Some ezines companies will send you a free gift or reduce the subscription rate if you sign up for longer periods, just to thank you.

What can you expect to find in a scrapbooking magazine? Most magazines use a proven selection of topics that they present each month. They post projects with details of the necessary supplies and step by step instructions to follow the particular layout. You will find tips and ideas that you can use to improve your own pages, as well as time – cutting techniques to speed up the entire process. Lessons on particular techniques that may be more advanced for you right now but maybe over time you will have more confidence to use them.

You will find reviews on new products that are becoming available for general purchase. Upcoming scrapping events, such as retirements or crops, are announced, as well as where to buy your scrapbooking supplies for personal or wholesale use. And for fun, challenges and scrapbooking contests can test the abilities of strippers for prizes.

Scrapbooking magazines answer a very important need for dependent souls: they have left us updated information, news and points to watch in the next edition. I can not wait!

New hairstyle design: The latest hair trends for this summer!

You will be looking this summer to be your best in every single detail! Here are the hottest trends and new hairstyle designs for this summer.

The hairstyles for women this summer could not be better or more creative. They are a mixture of boldness, freshness and grandeur.

We saw so many trends on the catwalks, some were amazing comebacks and some were brilliant new ideas. One of my favorite hairdressing design trends is back, and it&39;s more than ever, it&39;s straight hair, and I mean straight hair! No curls, no small waves on the ground, just straight to the end.

Another style is back and they are short, boyish hairstyles. This hair style design for short hair gives you an edgy style, and it&39;s amazingly wonderful! It can give you that unique daring look.

On to colors! This summer will be a color festival in the hair department. Pastel shades are very this summer and you can choose them in any color you desire. Opt for pastel pink, subtle orange, blue hair and even gray pastel.

The fringes are back and this time they are short, very short! This haircut was seen a lot on the runways of Prada, Gucci, Lanvin and others.

Another new hairstyle design and it&39;s a first trend: the pun. The pun is a ponytail bun. These are low buns that emit hair in ponytail style. What do you think of this hybrid mixture?

You can also adopt the low ponytail this summer. After you have straightened your hair, you are looking for a smooth, low ponytail that gives you the perfect girl look.

After the colors and the cuts follows the accessories. We saw so many accessories on the catwalks! If you want to feel like a princess, this is your chance, as crowns are the most important accessory this season. You can add them to your everyday style and add that special touch. Headbands have also made a comeback and come in a variety of styles: you can choose the thin, subtle with floral details, or you can choose wide headbands that look &39;90s style, or you can opt for the double headband ,

Be all that you are and leave yours new hairstyle design Express that in a unique way this summer. How will you style yourself this summer?

Oppo Reno Z Price in India, Specifications.

Oppo Reno Z, Oppo Reno Z Price, Oppo Reno Z Specifications, Oppo Reno Z features, Oppo Reno Z Price

Oppo Reno Z Price in India, Specifications.


Oppo Reno Z smartphone was launched on 30th May
2019. It was launched in Star Purple, Extreme Night Black, Bead White
colours and Coral Orange. It runs ColorOS 6.0 based on Android Pie. It is a
return to budget-conscious design, delivering the premium look.

Oppo Reno Z Price 

The lowest price of Oppo Reno Z in India
is expected to be Rs. 25,290. Oppo Reno Z Expected to be launched on
10th July 2019. The 256GB / 6GB variant of Oppo Reno Z costs around
Rs. 25,290 and expected to available in Silver, Dark Blue and Midnight Black

Oppo Reno Z, Oppo Reno Z Price, Oppo Reno Z Specifications, Oppo Reno Z features, Oppo Reno Z Price

Oppo Reno Z specifications  


camera aperture size
camera aperture size

 Power, storage and battery
Mediatek MT6779 Helio P90


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Robert Pattinson vs Eddie Redmayne at the Golden Globes: Who’s Hotter?

Robert Pattinson; Eddie Redmayne

Among Damian Lewis profitable Greatest Actor, Maggie Smith having property the trophy for Best Supporting Actress, and Adele nabbing the award for Ideal Authentic Tune, the English ruled the Golden Globes on Jan. 13 in Beverly Hills. Including to the Anglophilia on screen was the attendance of two Brit youthful things, Robert Pattinson and Eddie Redmayne, at the gala.

Pattinson, who walked the red carpet alone but was afterwards joined by girlfriend Kristen Stewart, looked handsome and classy in a black Gucci Signoria tuxedo. Redmayne, meanwhile, looked anything at all but Miserables in a velvet tux by Hugo Boss.

The actor lads are also close friends and fulfilled up at an right after – bash hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at Soho Home in West Hollywood, where they partied with Stewart and fellow Brits Sienna Miller and her fiance Tom Sturridge (Pattinson’s ideal mate).

Notify Us: Who’s the hotter Brit?

Via: Robert Pattinson vs Eddie Redmayne at the Golden Globes: Who’s Hotter?

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Justin Bieber Hopes to Find New Home for Pet Monkey Held in Germany

Justin Bieber’s Monkey Troubles

It would appear Justin Bieber’s beloved pet capuchin monkey, Mally, might need to brush up on her German, as it’s looking like Munich will be her new home.

The 17-week-old monkey was seized on March 28 by German customs authorities after Bieber landed in Munich while on tour  and could not  produce the required paperwork needed for the animal.
German authorities allowed four weeks  for Bieber, 19, to pick up Mally  before they would begin exploring other options for the animal’s permanent care, and now, it seems Camp Bieber has given up hope of ever getting her back.

On Tuesday, Judith Brettmeister, a spokeswoman for the Munich Animal Protection League shelter where the monkey is currently being held, told The Associated Press her office had received two emails from someone claiming to be with Bieber’s management company.
The alleged  Bieber representative asked that Mally be removed from the shelter, and instead, be placed in a zoo.

Brettmeister could not confirm whether  the emails actually came from Bieber’s management company, although “they appear to be.”

The first email, Brettmeister said, asked how much time Bieber would have to provide the necessary paperwork before Mally would be euthanized. The shelter responded, explaining animals in German shelters were not euthanized.

The second email thanked the shelter and wrote, “Our team is looking into the idea of placing Mally at a zoo in Germany. Would you happen to have any recommendations for places that Mally would be safe and thrive? Again, we are very concerned that Mally is safe and placed in the best possible residence.”
Bieber has until May 17 to provide Mally’s necessary paperwork, according to customs spokesman Thomas Meister.

Otherwise, Meister said, the monkey will remain in the shelter until Bieber or someone with his power of attorney contacts them directly.

“If by May 17 there is nothing, then he loses ownership of the animal and it becomes the property of the Federal Republic of Germany,” Meister said.
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