PDs and writers talk about the characteristics of rookie idols

PDs and writers talk about the characteristics of rookie idols – K-POP, K-FANS

PDs and writers talk about the characteristics of rookie idols

1. When they’re on a variety show, they often stand with their backs towards the camera. They lean forward to see the center and end up covering other panelists.

2. When someone is talking, the others should listen to them and then answer for a fluid conversation. But each of them keeps talking from here and there so the audio overlaps and it becomes a mess. (It doesn’t help the fact that there are so many members in a group these days…)

3. You can feel the passion and eagerness that’s unique to rookies but once the shoot begins, they don’t know what to do in front of the cameras. (A lot of idols actually fear the camera.)

4. They pour their souls into greeting the staff. (I get surprised a lot when they greet me.)

5. On a variety show, it’s ideal to talk before/after a 3-seconds gap for editing but they talk faster than anyone. (They don’t know the method but they’re so disciplined ㅠㅠ)

6. A variety show script is centered on the flow of the shoot without specific comments. So when the shoot goes by the script, they need to add appropriate comments to sound natural but they solely rely on the script.

7. The overall flow of the show is important. But when it comes to passionate rookie idols, they’re overly greedy or pressured to do well. It ruins the flow. (They’re doing a great job already, I hope they relax more!)

8. When it’s a music show, they sometimes have a hard time finding the right camera. So they look at only one camera for the entire shoot. (Also, when they do a tough dance, they have trouble making eye contacts. I can feel their eyes shaking from a distance…)

9. At the shoot, the manager or the company staff has a bigger right to speak than the members. (Give the members the right to speak, too!)

10. I can feel their bright, positive energy. But sometimes, it comes off as desperate or pitiful.

11. On a music show, they do a rehearsal before a real shoot. Rookie idols do rehearsals like the real shoot and work hard.


Instiz: Characteristics of rookie idols by current PDs and script writers

– I can feel the PDs and writers are affectionate towards rookie idols!

– Why am I reminded of EXO’s bowling broadcast… Facing against the camera and overlapping audios ㅋㅋ

– GOT7 still has overlapping audios ㅋㅋㅋ

– Even if it’s just each member saying one comment, it’s 13 comments…

– It’s sad that the company staff and managers have the right to speak, not the members

– It reminds me of NCT’s debut days ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They looked so obvious that they were reading the script…

– I hope all idols do well!

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