PSY and CL to have their comeback stages at MAMA & YG fest

PSY and CL to have their comeback stages at MAMA & YG fest – K-POP, K-FANS

PSY and CL to have their comeback stages at MAMA & YG fest

Article: [Exclusive] PSY & CL confirmed to join 2015 MAMA for their comeback stages

Pann: MAMA is a YG concert at the end

1. [+352, -25] They don’t even perform on music shows properly. Why do they have two artists having comeback stages at year-end awards? If they want to comeback, then do it on M Countdown. Why at MAMA?

2. [+277, -15] They said physical albums are goods and they even think award shows are music shows. They’re getting ready to media-play it as ‘their own concert’ after having all the artists there.

3. [+274, -46] It really frustrates me as a Bigbang fan. Bigbang released a lot of songs and promoted in this year so they have the right to be there. But YG always uses Bigbang to promote other artists and it’s fucking annoying. I don’t understand why they’re gonna show new songs there when they didn’t even promote this year. YG always shits on Bigbang and brings them hate because of their YG party.

4. [+111, -2] That’s nothing but being superior ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ YG and Mnet are obviously an alliance here… They don’t even have manners for other artists. Why the hell are they having comeback stages at MAMA? Some artists never get to go to MAMA even after 100 comebacks whereas someone is having a comeback there ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Fuck it.

5. [+93, -3] I fucking want YG to collapse. I want to take the artists and run away. The company is insane. That’s dictatorship and extremely arrogant attitude. Yang Hyun Suk thinks Bigbang got popular because he did well but Bigbang succeeded by their own talent. They’ve been releasing self-composed songs since debut and that’s why their hoobaes are also treated like composers. Honestly, his promotional plans are all so-so. He seems to have lost his touch. He doesn’t know what’s right or wrong.

6. [+93, -1] It’s a YG concert at the end. iKON will start off and PSY or Bigbang will end it.

7. [+76, -1] They call it ‘year-end awards’ when half of the singers who promoted in this year are not even gonna be on it ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+62, -0] MAMA will end up like Melon

9. [+59, -8] I’m not gonna watch this year’s MAMA because it’s obviously going to be a YG concert

10. [+58, -9] They showed how meaningless it is to vote

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