Red Carpet Confidential: Aubrey O’Day Wishes For True Love

Now that Aubrey O’Day has conquered the worlds of music, Broadway and reality TV, the 28-year-old performer has one goal she hopes to achieve before she hits the big 3-0.

“I would love to fall in love for a long period of time,” the Celebrity Apprentice star tells me this week before hosting at The Pool After Dark inside Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. “I would love to meet a man that shows me everything.”

In the past, the Wrecking Ball singer has admitted to romancing both men and women.

What’s the update on her love life?

“I’m still trying to get to a place where I can really be comfortable and consistently happy in a relationship,” says Aubrey, who shot to fame in 2005 with the girl group Danity Kane after a stint on MTV’s Making The Band. “I think I’ve gone through all kinds of ups and downs, the same up and downs that any girl my age goes through, but I’m happy right now, and I’m trying to figure out how to be happy for the long run.”

One score she hasn’t yet settled is her beef with Celebrity Apprentice winner Arsenio Hall, which has carried over into the real world.

“The Arsenio one was ugly,” she says. “I was so wanting to come back to the finale and have a ‘coming to Jesus moment’ with him, but then when I was in NYC, he went on The View and Wendy Williams and said some lies about me. Then, I realized that what I thought was true his half-a**ed apology was insincere. I can’t respect him or be proud of him.”

Still, Aubrey admits she wasn’t perfect during her run on Donald Trump’s reality show. She placed third, behind perennial runner-up Clay Aiken.

“I can apologize for my language, because I would never want my fans to turn a bad into another bad, like I said on the finale,” she says. ‘”I want them to do good, and I want them to be good, and not allow someone else’s ignorance to take them to an ignorant place. You never want someone’s ugly to make you ugly, and that’s the mistake I made a lot of times. It was such a great experience watching Celebrity Apprentice because there are so many teachable moments.”

Aubrey had so much fun that she jumped in the pool. Now there’s a hostess! For a good time, head to The Pool After Dark inside Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City.