Selena Gomez Appears On Justin Bieber’s New Album ‘Believe’

Justin’s new album ‘Believe’ is a little over a week away from its release date, and reports claim that a track, ‘Beauty and the Beat,’ mentions Selena! Find out more about the unreleased track!

Justin Bieber’s album Believe will be released on June 19, and fans are anticipating the lyrical content of the pop star’s third album! Nicki Minaj makes a guest appearance on “Beauty and the Beat” where Selena Gomez also makes a cameo!

The track is produced by Max Martin and is being considered a “grinding and fist-pumping club banger!” Bieber sings seductively, “Body rock, I can feel your body rock.” Minaj flirts back, but notes that she’s, “Gotta keep my eye out for Selena.”

So either Nicki is straight up flirting with Justin or she’s keeping other ladies at a distance! The lyrics could go either way! We’re highly anticipating the release of Believe so we can decipher for ourselves!