Seventeen Mingyu’s fansite shuts down after he gives away his gifts

“I finished setting up Mingyu’s birthday advertisement at Konkuk University Station~ Please pay a lot of attention~ Mingyu Seventeen”

“Happy birthday Mingyu~ I hope you have a good one Mingyu Seventeen”

The admin did a subway ad + gave loads of brand gifts for Mingyu’s birthday

She closed her fansite however

“It’s been three times already. I’m so speechless. He used to use all gifts regardless of their prices but now he’s giving them away. Why?”

Pictures of his gifts being used by members & his sister:


Instiz: Seventeen fansite shuts down because birthday gifts were given to others

– I’d be upset, too. It’s not some cheap gift, she prepared so much for a birthday but he gave them away so easily.

– She has the right to be mad as the giver, we can’t complain

– I live in a dorm so I can say that my roommates’ clothes are mine and my clothes are my roommates’ ㅋㅋ

– I can understand sharing them with members since they live together but the case of his sister could be upsetting. It’s the third time already…

– If I give my boyfriend clothes and I see his brother wearing it, I’d be very upset…