SNSD vs CNBLUE, song’s quality or fandom power?

Pann: CNBLUE won’t be able to win 1st

CNBLUE’s new song is really good but they won’t be able to win 1st.
You know why? Because of TVXQ and SNSD’s physical sellings and because they’re from a big company. CNBLUE has less fans than TVXQ and SNSD.

Even Beast won’t be able to win either. SM is combined with a big company and big fandoms, so who else can beat them besides Bigbang?


1. [+129, -50] Honestly CNBLUE’s song is better. I listened to SNSD’s song and it was trash.

2. [+85, -10] Well they can win this time and show they can do it.

3. [+83, -14] They can win 1st. Although it’s not for sure, it doesn’t mean that there’s no possibility. CNBLUE’s I’m Sorry won over SNSD’s I Got a Boy. FNC is not a small company like you think, it’s on a rise. Haven’t you read the articles? What do you mean Beast can’t win SNSD? They can ^^ And I’m not blaming SNSD but just because they’re from a big company, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be beat.

4. [+22, -11] How dare you comparing CNBLUE to the song that sounds full of electric sounds.

5. [+21, -5] Yeah CNBLUE’s song is much better. If SNSD wins 1st with a song like that, then it’s just no.

6. [+20, -1] Why are you mentioning Beast? So random.

7. [+19, -2] A year ago, CNBLUE’s I’m Sorry and SNSD’s I Got a Boy were both nominated and CNBLUE won. Why do you think they can’t win 1st? Even though CNBLUE has less fans than SNSD, CNBLUE will always be the 1st to Boices.

8. [+17, -6] CNBLUE’s song is really daebak, it can’t even be compared to SNSD’s song. Even though SNSD has a bigger fandom and a bigger company, they can’t beat with their song. CNBLUE, let’s win 1st.