Song Mino’s rap lyrics disgrace a maternity ward?

Mino’s rap on today’s ‘Show Me The Money 4’ episode:

“I was a pig until I was 17. 
No one knew that I was a lottery. 
I believed that I could succeed with anything. 
Things passing by, and I’m succeeding for real. 
Mino targets your daughter. 
Everybody spreads [their legs] like a maternity ward.”


Instiz: “Everybody spreads [their legs] like a maternity ward?” Song Mino’s lyrics controversy

– I’m more speechless at how the fans are defending him ㅋㅋ I hope Mino doesn’t date a girl who’ll spread her legs at a maternity ward ^^

– Do you go to a maternity ward to spread your legs? I’m so offended

– The problem is not the sexual lyrics. People go to a maternity ward to get treatment for giving birth but he treats the place like a red-light district

– I was surprised as I was watching it… I was wondering if I was weird because the judges showed positive reactions. But some of the judges have children, I wonder how they looked

– Why did he have to use ‘maternity ward’ though?

– Hip-hop culture, my ass ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Seo Yuri:

“These days, some people think they were born from eggs, not from their mothers… Oh, but I approve Park Hyeokgeose”

(Park Hyeokgeose was a king of Silla Kingdom in Korea in 69BC. The legend says he was born from an egg.)


Instiz: Seo Yuri’s tweet targets Song Mino

– Agreed ㅋㅋ It’s pathetic how some guys hate on women when their mothers are also women

– I think it’s true that she’s targeting him. I would’ve liked it more if she was being more direct but it’s cool enough

– I’m a fan but I was disappointed and mad when I saw his lyrics