Suho can’t act?

Pann: SM idol who’s a rising terrible actor

1. [+313, -28] Why does SM keep sticking idols into acting? I wouldn’t mind if they start from small roles but they’re taking lead roles when they can’t even act.

2. [+274, -24] If you’re going to claim this is a troll post, he has to be a good actor. It’s a fact that he’s a terrible actor but we can’t criticize his acting?

3. [+273, -30] It looks like SNL acting ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It looks too much. A play would be better for this type of acting ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+105, -10] They’re strict to idols? If he wasn’t an idol, he wouldn’t have gotten this role.

5. [+103, -16] Way to tarnish Korean National University of Arts…

6. [+92, -147] Stop writing all comments yourself, troll

7. [+81, -13] Wow… I couldn’t continue watching him. One characteristic of terrible actors is that they’re really bad at facial expressions. He’s overdoing it.

8. [+80, -74] Stop writing comments, you troll~

9. [+80, -62] Troll post

10. [+73, -6] SM kids all can’t act, how are they getting the lead roles?

11. [+69, -8] It’s not a troll writing the comments… Anybody can tell he can’t act.

12. [+61, -9] People say ‘SM advantage’ because they can’t act yet they take lead roles all the time.