Sulli’s looks in her recent pictorials

Sulli’s looks in her recent pictorials – K-POP, K-FANS

Sulli’s looks in her recent pictorials

Pann: Overloading sexiness in recent pictures of Sulli

1. [+204, -38] It looks like a photo shoot of a Japanese AV idol

2. [+189, -32] I don’t know if Sulli has a pretty body but she has the best face. Her eyes are especially great. Lee Yeon Hee and Sulli have amazing eyes. Sulli has a nice face shape, very pale skin, and thick lips. I’m not sure about her personalities but she’s a beauty.

3. [+127, -5] She used to not take pictorials like this but now she does a lot. She must be having her turning point.

4. [+74, -5] I don’t like this kind of concept because it’s too Japanese but Sulli pulls it off, but IU doesn’t. You definitely can’t beat natural looks and aura that someone was born with. IU must’ve wanted to look sexy like this but how can she fake an aura when she wasn’t born with it? ㅋㅋ

5. [+69, -7] I see why IU likes Sulli so much. Sulli suits loli pictures really well.

6. [+63, -7] She’s disliked by girls and f(x) fans but her looks are the best. She’s also tall so her body looks good when she loses weight. She looked the same when she was young. The talent of looks is seriously powerful. Even if she breaks up with Choiza, she’ll never starve to death. Another wealthy guy will take her.

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