Swoon! Kissing Brad Pitt, Sex Scenes With Tom Hardy

Imagine kissing Brad Pitt. How about shooting sex scenes with Tom Hardy?
Jessica Chastain doesn’t have to imagine. She’s lived it.
And she’s telling us all about it. Read on for the hunky-filled details�
First up, Pitt: Chastain costars with Hollywood’s hottest father of six in Tree of Life.
She smiled when asked about what it’s like locking lips with Pitt but isn’t sure what audiences will see. “I haven’t seen the latest cut, but we do play husband and wife,” she said at the Glamour and Louis Vuitton event in Beverly Hills, before quickly warning, “We didn’t have a sex scene. There was no sex scene.”

That’s probably a good thing. “To be honest, when I first found out it was Brad Pitt [in the role], I was like, �I don’t know how I’m going to do this movie and not just giggle the whole time,'” Chastain admitted.

She, obviously, got through it. “There’s nothing about him that wants to be on a pedestal,” Chastain said. “He’s just one of the guys, which makes him even cooler. Brad Pitt is very annoying because he’s…perfect!”
Things got a bit steamier between Chastain and Hardy in the recently wrapped Prohibition-era drama The Wettest County in the Country. “I play this gun moll from Chicago who meets these three brothers and has a romance with Tom’s character,” she explained.