T-ara Jiyeon’s statement gets seen in a new light after IU’s lawsuit

“The image I have was caused by my own behavior, so I don’t feel bad at people’s perspective. It’s my fault.”

Pann: Re-evaluated idol after IU sues hateful comments

1. [+594, -34] Yes… Honestly, Jiyeon had worse hateful comments

2. [+543, -104] What’s the standard of ‘hateful comments’ that she’s suing? She claimed that she has the freedom of expression but our opinions on IU don’t fall under the freedom of expression? Don’t say “it’s not freedom because IU is hurt by it” because she also hurt other people by using Zeze.

3. [+540, -24] We’re not shielding Jiyeon, it’s just that how she admits and understands the criticisms is different from IU ㅋㅋ

4. [+199, -9] It’s honestly a little iffy that IU is suing people… I know that she’s hurt by comments but she also hurt many Zeze’s by claiming the freedom of expression but she’s suing others for being hurt? By IU’s logic, hateful comments are also freedom of expression. She should apologize first.

5. [+170, -12] The bullying scandal needs to be re-evaluated. People have no idea how distorted it got. I’m just a light fan but I feel so bad… International fans know about it already. I hope our country also sees the misunderstandings and T-ara to do well. There isn’t any girl group who can ruin themselves and pull off any concept like T-ara ㅠㅠ I want them to do a comeback with a song like Roly Poly, Lovey Dovey, or Day By Day.