Why editors should attend the benefits ball

I have no idea what you are doing in life, but it is likely that you have already been involved in creating a product or service. If you did, you&39;d also have the impression that it was the best thing since the toffee popcorn (or whatever your particular vice).

This is not a bad thing. You would have fed it since your brainstorming session until its maturity. It was you who were there when the problems had to be solved. In fact, I&39;m willing to bet you were so close, that was all you could talk about. And what did you talk about? Probably his main features – what he did because that was what was really great.


False. I&39;m not saying that it&39;s a bad thing – far from it, we all want to know what it&39;s like. But when you go to the editor and try to sell it to someone via your website, brochure, or ad, you need to understand that what your potential buyer really wants to know is How is he doing advantage their.

A copywriter will focus primarily on these questions: what will he do for them? Why should they spend their hard-earned money on your product or service?

For example, you made a pair of football boots and your sales copy reads as follows:

  • they are made from the finest Italian leather that fits your foot
  • they have titanium studs
  • they come in a wide range of colors

Guess what your reader will think. They will say "what then" while turning the page to read the latest celebrity gossip.

But if you sell them by saying that if you wear your football boots, they will be transformed into a world-class player (a bit extreme, I know, but that gives you the idea), it&39;s a advantage. The features will help streamline a buying decision, but these are the benefits that will allow them to hand over the credit card.

Give your customer a good reason Why they should buy your product and they will.

4 tips to seduce a woman Gemini

At a time when the modern idea of ​​romance was popular, people often chose their life partner with the help of a zodiac. For example, it was common for a man and a woman to exchange horoscopes before a commitment was organized and formally agreed by parents on both sides. Today, knowing the sign of the female zodiac remains a good way to increase the chances of success of the relationship. For example, if the girl who attracts you is born under the Twins sign, you can expect her to be intellectual and stimulating. These tips on how to seduce a Gemini woman will give you additional clues as to how to woo her.

1. Contact her.

Gemini women can be unpredictable, but a constant in their personality is their love for the word. Conversation is one of the most effective ways to win a Gemini Heart, so be sure to update your skills. Chatter and small talk will not suffice; to satisfy a Gemini, your conversation will have to be authentic. If you are of the intellectual type, it is good news. You can actually talk to her about a variety of topics, from politics to news and celebrity gossip.

2. Use your brain.

A Gemini woman is a sucker for a smart man, so be sure to read before going out with you. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to impress, but it will help if you have read the latest book on the bestseller list. Many twins women love to read, so if she finds out you can talk about your favorite books, she will want you to hang out.

3. Party.

We know that Gemini women love social events. She will want to get out her little black dress for a cocktail or put on her dance shoes quite often, so you better get ready. If you accompany her to social events, you will find that she is often the center of attention and that she is watched by the men of the party. If you can not handle that, too bad for you. Gemini women are not renowned for being very loyal, but if you are bold and determined, you will be able to win her heart.

4. Be unpredictable.

A Gemini woman can very well play the game of love in all its aspects. When it comes to sex, let them know that you are not afraid to experiment with different places or positions and that you are open to games like role playing. Variety is the spice of life, and this is very true for Gemini in the bedroom.

Learning to seduce a Gemini woman is to bring out your intellectual side. When you intellectually stimulate a Gemini woman, the excitement can also translate into the emotional and physical aspects of your relationship.

4 Tips for Preparing Your Blog for Google News

The report published in June 2010 by the Paris-based Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) confirms current trends: traditional newspapers have been in decline since 2008 and their cautious estimate that "about 5% of all Internet visits are related to reading information online. "Whether you want your blog to be picked up by Google News or you simply realize the benefits of doing it through a news service, make sure that your blog is ready for submission.

First, if you have not been to Google News, it&39;s time to explore. You will find articles from traditional news sources such as CBS, BBC, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and other sources of information. Google does not buy newspapers, and then cuts and analyzes articles for the Web. All sources of information have an RSS feed (blogging basis). So, when a news item is posted on their website, the feed is picked up by Google News. RSS feeds are at the heart of news feeds to Google, which means that your blog has the same potential to be picked up by Google News as big players! That&39;s right, you&39;ll find Perez Hilton&39;s celebrity blog in Google News alongside The New York Times.

Entering Google News is not just a fate or a coincidence: blogs and websites must be submitted. To increase the chances of a successful submission, your blog should be newsworthy and should not promote yourself or your products. Follow these 4 tips for your blog to be ready for Google News.

1. Identify your writing team. It&39;s probably pretty simple if you already have a page about us. Make sure the page calls "about us" or other variations such as "personal", "writers" or "writers". It is at this point that you identify the author of your blog by his name and his identifying information. If you edit a blog that accepts submissions from multiple authors, you can list them or simply note that you have multiple contributors.

2. Have a contact page. If you plan to do the news and remain anonymous, you will have to skip Google News. You do not have to give Google a road map at your front door, but you will have to show a city and a location. I recommend to potential bloggers to treat a blog like any other part of their business. If you have privacy concerns, rent a PO Box.

3. Name a news category. When you send your blog to Google News, you are prompted to indicate the web address at which your news is published. You probably will not post all the articles in your blog in this category, but go ahead and name a category "News". This will be an ideal category to post event announcements, details of webinars and press releases. If you&39;ve already started publishing on your blog, search for your "news" publications and move them to this new category before submitting the blog to Google News.

4. Do not forget a site map. The last, but not least, is the Google site map. Google cares about the web structure and loves XML site maps to help navigate your website structure. If you use blogging software such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, plug-ins are available to create and update sitemaps.

With these tips, you&39;ll be about to appear in Google News and get your share of new blog readers!

What happened in the United Kingdom in 1996?

1996 decoupage in the biggest news, sports and entertainment events; here is what happened …

Two tragedies struck the hearts of the British in 1996, the sympathies of the nation having been expressed to the people of Dunblane and Manchester. In Dunblane, an insane gunman threw himself into a shootout at a local kindergarten, killing an entire class and teaching them. Later in the year, in direct response to these unfortunate events, the government announced that it would ban almost all handguns in the UK.

In Manchester, a huge bomb devastated its busy mall, just as it was filling up with impatient shoppers on Saturday. The police managed to begin an evacuation before its explosion, but dozens of people were still killed or injured in the blast. The damage was such that the episode led to a complete regeneration of downtown Manchester.

The year 1996 was also marked by the introduction of the first genetically modified food (or GM) put on sale in British supermarkets. The modified tomato puree was the cause of all the hype, some critics calling it "Frankenstein food".

The sports world has been dominated by the organization by England of the European Football Championships (Euro 96). The group stage between Europe and Scotland attracted much attention from Gazza, whose amazing goal was to steal the win at home. Encouraged by home support, the "Three Lions" qualified for the semi-finals. American football went crazy, it seemed like England was really going to win a major tournament for the first time since &39;66, and then, as we had to really expect, they lost to shooting to the goal against Germany.

As for entertainment, Chris Evans has reinvented the format of the talk show with his hit show "TFI Friday". Featuring celebrity gossip, trendiest bands and friendly guests, this chaotic, non-scripted program briefly made Evans the most sought-after TV man. . On the BBC, a group of lawyers in their 30s get huge odds; & 39; This Life & 39; looks a bit like &39;Friends & 39; American, but with a lot more &39;bad&39; behaviors and whims.

The big screen has been blessed with one of the jewels of the British cinematic crown, "Trainspotting". Despite the heroin, needles, vomit and disgusting toilet bowls, it was the coolest thing of the year and took Ewan McGregor out of nowhere to "Star Wars". The most familiar film of 1996 was "Toy Story"; it&39;s the first feature film to be fully computer-animated. The results were quite amazing and people gathered to see Woody (a pull-string cowboy) and "Buzz Lightyear" (a high-tech ranger) fighting to become the favorite toy little Andy.

Steve Irwin: crocodile hunter – an Australian icon

From time to time, and sometimes only, a television personality presents himself, whose enthusiasm and charisma arouse an almost universal affection for the public. The environmentalist, naturalist and documentary filmmaker Steve Irwin – known worldwide as the crocodile hunter – was one of those rare personalities.

Born to Steven Robert Irwin on September 22, 1962 in Melbourne, Australia, Steve Irwin was the owner and manager of the Australian Zoo in Beerwah, Queensland. The zoo, originally called Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park, belonged to his parents, Bob and Lyn.

As a young man, Irwin worked as a crocodile trapper in Queensland, capturing and removing fangs from populated areas. Although he does not get a salary, he works as long as he can keep the crocodiles that he has captured for his parents&39; zoo.

After heading the zoo in 1991, Irwin met his future wife, US veterinarian Terri Raines. Following a flash romance, the couple got married and the video footage of their crocodile-hiding honeymoon was aired as the first episode of The Crocodile Hunter, the series that made Irwin an international celebrity .

The success of The Crocodile Hunter has led Discovery Channel and Animal Planet to commission several Wildlife series at Irwin, including The Croc Files, The Crocodile Hunter Diaries and New Breed Vets. Renowned for his expansive personality and boundless enthusiasm, Irwin&39;s documentaries made him an Australian icon – often ridiculed, but equally praised for his idiosyncrasies.

What made Irwin so popular with audiences around the world is his intrepid attitude towards wild animals. Often seen chasing serpents, fangs and all kinds of dangerous creatures, the public is not so much concerned with seeing animals as seeing Irwin&39;s incredible feats of courage and fearlessness. His documentaries so attracted the audience that they were adapted to the

2002 movie The Hunter Crocodile: Collision Course.

Irwin&39;s enthusiasm for his subject however prevailed from time to time and his career was fraught with difficulties. In 2004, during a public performance at the Australia Zoo, he took his son Bob to the crocodile enclosure, holding him in one arm while feeding a crocodile on the other. . Irwin, however, refused to apologize for the stunt, insisting that the child was never really in danger.

In 2004, Irwin again became controversial during a trip to Antarctica, facing allegations that he disturbed whales, seals and penguins while shooting a documentary.

Irwin&39;s life ends tragically on the morning of September 4, 2006 while shooting a documentary on the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia. While filming a ray, he came too close and was struck by a beard in his chest, causing a fatal wound, and was declared dead at the scene. He was 44 years old.

Steve Irwin is survived by his wife Terri and two young children, Bindi Sue and Robert Clarence.

Although Irwin always lived on the razor&39;s edge, we did not really expect him to be killed. There was just something about the trust with which he handled dangerous creatures that left us thinking that he was invulnerable. His antics were not entirely real – if they had been, we might not have been so quick to laugh.

So we were surprised to inform him that he had been killed. Even more, considering how he died. After all, Irwin was only the third person to have been killed by a stingray in Australia. The rays are generally considered relatively docile and it is even possible to feed them by hand in good conditions.

Irwin&39;s death, though tragic, may perhaps be considered a final act of staging. He won our hearts with his stunts defying death and it seems appropriate that he should go out with a bang. Although it would be miserable to shed light on his death, one could perhaps claim that it was what he would have liked to do, while living to the limit. This could perhaps come as a small consolation for the family of a man who died before his time.

Steve Irwin was, in life as in death, an Australian icon: a Dundee Crocodile of modern life. He was everything that we thought was typically Australian: robust, adventurous and dangerous, but not without humor. While Australians were often embarrassed by his antics, viewing him as a caricature of Australian stereotypes, this is precisely why the rest of the world loves him.

Steve Irwin was a passionate advocate of the environment, a tireless advocate for his country, a great artist, a loving husband and father. Often controversial, always fun, there will always be a place in our hearts for the crocodile hunter. The world is poorer for its absence.

The role of the original newspapers during the Suez crisis

When we think of newspapers today, we think of gossip celebrities like The Sun and The Mirror. We think of the alarms on the right in The Mail. And we think of political bias in the coverage of current affairs through a series of large-format sheets, from The Independent and The Guardian to The Times and The Telegraph. This has always been the way. And it is all the more interesting to look through old original newspapers.

The original newspapers not only give us a glimpse of the past, but also provide detailed information on the editorial and reporting trend in vogue at the time. The contradictions that existed between the publications help us to understand the probable state of mind of the newspaper&39;s readership, or at least the way the paper hoped to help shape public opinion.

An example both remarkable and less well known was that of the Suez crisis of 1956.

For nearly a century, the Suez Canal has provided Britain with a short sea route to the confines of its empire. And with the growing demand for oil from the Persian Gulf in the 20th century, the canal remained vital to the success of the British economy. He needed to protect.

Unfortunately, a series of complex disputes between a number of nations – including Britain and Egypt – in the 1950s resulted in Colonel Gamel Abdul Nasser, head of the Egyptian government, nationalizing the company in 1956. Anglo-French Suez Canal Company. simple – the United States and Great Britain having withdrawn their funding from the Aswan dam, Egypt should then draw its own revenues from the canal.

Britain&39;s interests were now under threat. Prime Minister Anthony Eden even likened any possibility of appeasement to that extended to Hitler in the 1930s. He greatly exaggerated. Nevertheless, during the Cold War, things went wrong.

Israel, longtime enemy of Egypt, had a cunning plan. Concerned about the rearmament of Egypt and its relations with the Soviet Union, Israel began buying weapons and planes from France, which they also met in secret. In October 1956, Blighty is invited to join them. Eden met with her counterparts near Paris and concluded a secret agreement whereby Israel would attack Egypt, thus providing the pretext for an Anglo-French invasion of Suez.

The legality of the measures was very debatable. And yet, when historians cast their eyes over the original newspapers of the day, the support of the Eden government was quite complete, with groups like The Telegraph, The Mail, and The Express actively supporting the Suez campaign.

The Times&39; position, however, is the best example of the political turmoil faced by major British newspapers during the crisis.

The story goes something like this. Eden has frequently informed the Times & 39; Sir William Haley, editor-in-chief, who has confidential business secrets that even his own firm was not aware of. In exchange, the newspaper continued to support government policy, despite the legal and ethical gray zone of the invasion. This remained the case, even with Haley&39;s growing consternation at the information Eden gave him. In short, although the editor of the newspaper disagreed on a personal level, his diary continued to pull up the line.

Indeed, the attempts of Eden to muzzle the press did not stop with the newspapers of origin of the country. It&39;s also extended to the BBC. But all this shows how influential newspapers can be. Today, like yesterday, they play a decisive role in public perception. And that is why original newspapers remain an essential ingredient for historical research.

Scrapbooking magazines that you can not take down

Most women around the world like to read magazines from time to time – you can not deny the attractiveness of featured articles, celebrity gossip, recipes, problem pages, health issues and pleasure to turn your house into a palace by using photos provided as a guide. But how often do you find yourself reading an end-to-end magazine – not all pages can interest you at any given time. Can you say that, however, on scrapbooking magazines!

When you have a hobby as addicted as scrapbooking, you have the impression of devouring every word of the page, lest you miss something useful that you can incorporate into an ongoing project. And once you start reading a scrapbooking magazine, it&39;s unlikely you&39;ll flip through the pages as you might have done otherwise.

Most scrapbooking magazines are distributed on a monthly or bi-weekly basis and you can buy them at bookstores or you can subscribe online and have them delivered to your home without having to worry about missing an edition. Some ezines companies will send you a free gift or reduce the subscription rate if you sign up for longer periods, just to thank you.

What can you expect to find in a scrapbooking magazine? Most magazines use a proven selection of topics that they present each month. They post projects with details of the necessary supplies and step by step instructions to follow the particular layout. You will find tips and ideas that you can use to improve your own pages, as well as time – cutting techniques to speed up the entire process. Lessons on particular techniques that may be more advanced for you right now but maybe over time you will have more confidence to use them.

You will find reviews on new products that are becoming available for general purchase. Upcoming scrapping events, such as retirements or crops, are announced, as well as where to buy your scrapbooking supplies for personal or wholesale use. And for fun, challenges and scrapbooking contests can test the abilities of strippers for prizes.

Scrapbooking magazines answer a very important need for dependent souls: they have left us updated information, news and points to watch in the next edition. I can not wait!

What images can you use on your blog?

It may seem like a good idea to create a blog about celebrity gossip and link to the images you find on entertainment sites, but this could be a violation of copyright laws. You can get permission from the owner of the image by asking for it or find sources that provide images to which copyright is attached and that allow you to republish them on your blog. The most common copyright licenses you must understand are Rights Managed, Rights-Free and Creative Commons.

Rights managed

Rights-managed author rights licenses are based on use and require you to pay the owner the rights to use the images on your blog or obtain permission from you. To use the images on your blog. Generally, you must pay a fee each time you want to use a rights-managed image. An example of a rights management site is gettyimages.com, flickering.


Royalty-free royalty-free images usually come with a price tag, but you can pay once and use the purchased image again and again. Some royalty-free images do not include price tags, but have restrictions requiring you to credit the source or perform other actions in order to use them as dictated by the owner of the image . Royalty-free images are often called stock images. An example of a site offering royalty-free images is stock.xchng, which offers both images for free, subject to restrictions and for an additional fee.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons (creativecommons.org) is an organization that helps owners of original works to share these works in a less restrictive way than is allowed by copyright laws. Creative Commons offers six types of licenses:

  1. allotment : Anyone can republish the work with an appropriate assignment to the owner.
  2. Share Share with Identity Anyone may modify the work in any way and republish it with an appropriate attribution to the owner, provided that the new version of the work is licensed using the same Creative Commons license as the original work.
  3. Attribution without derivatives : Anyone can republish the work with the appropriate attribution to the owner as long as no changes are made to the work.
  4. Non-commercial attribution : Anyone can republish the work for non-commercial purposes with an appropriate assignment to the owner.
  5. Non-commercial attribution sharing in identical : Any person may modify the work in any manner and republish it for non-commercial purposes with appropriate attribution to the owner, provided that the new version of the work is licensed using the same Creative Commons license as the original work.
  6. Non-commercial attribution, no derivatives : Any person may republish the image for non-commercial purposes, assigning it to the owner as appropriate and as long as no changes are made to the work.

What makes a great personal trainer and what to look for when hiring a personal trainer

It does not take a lot of training or education to get personal trainer certification. Anyone with a high school education can earn Can Fit Pro or ACE certification in just one month. As a result, many coaches may not be qualified, but the gym they work for still requires one arm and one leg to make good profits. Professional fitness chains are famous for this because people do not know it and do not know what to look for when choosing to work with a trainer. This does not mean that all commercial gyms are filled with unqualified coaches (I have met excellent coaches with basic certifications), but a certain percentage of coaches are people who have chosen to become coaches after a career change suddenly lacking knowledge and experience in fitness to offer professional services at market prices. In some cases, commercial gyms hire trainers for their sales experience and interpersonal skills rather than for their much larger training skills. After all, you hire a personal trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals as quickly as possible; do not talk about your personal life or the latest celebrity gossip.

An advanced certification or college / university degree does not automatically make someone an excellent coach. A degree in Kinesiology or Exercise Science or a Post Graduate Fitness Certification, such as the NSCA Certified Physical Strength and Conditioning Specialist, provides people with a solid theoretical foundation, but knowledge Procedural (knowledge required to perform certain tasks). like cycling) accounts for about 60% of the essential knowledge that a personal trainer should possess.

So what makes a great trainer? A certification or diploma is not necessary, but more often than not, top trainers possess a degree or advanced certification because this shows that they are engaging and are serious in their work. However, all essential knowledge and training principles can be learned independently without having to take a course or take an exam. The best indication of a great trainer is his physical appearance and his state of form. A good coach usually looks at the room. Being exceptionally fit is the proof that these trainers can apply what they know. A red flag is an overweight or very lean and out of shape coach. I met a few of them when I was working in a commercial fitness club. Many great coaches are professional bodybuilders and other athletes who have very little or no formal education, much like many great musicians and artists.

The science of exercise is an open field where new things are constantly being discovered. A good coach will have an original approach to training that has been learned through experimentation and experience – not by reading a textbook. Great coaches do not work in the book: they are creative and will invent their own exercises and training routines and combine existing training principles in new ways to achieve faster results. An excellent coach continues to learn, constantly updates his knowledge, but also helps to educate others about things that they have discovered independently. This is one of the most important features of a great trainer: they bring new knowledge, whether in a publication, in seminars or online.

Here is a summary of the important features that make a great personal trainer: 1) he is in good physical shape and has a training experience, 2) he brings new knowledge in the form of articles, books, seminars, web pages or blogs. , 3) they have their own approach to training that has been learned from practical experience, 4) they have advanced degree or certification. So now you know what to look for when hiring a personal trainer and I hope you will put that knowledge to good use.

Google + Gizmo5

With Google&39;s recent acquisition of Gizmo5, the words "Google me, my baby," from Teyana Taylor&39;s hit song, are about to take on a whole new meaning. "Google me" will instead replace "call me" or "Skype me". Google is no longer simply an Internet search engine used to locate celebrity gossip or to publish reviews of local dentists. It is becoming a major player in the Internet communications sector.

Google Talk + Grand Central = Google Voice

In 2007, Google integrated its Google Talk software, with features such as instant messaging and computer-to-computer audio and video chat, with Grand Central&39;s recent creation of Grand Voice. Google Voice is a free service that is currently available by invitation only. You must send a request to Google by email and then wait for an invitation from Google to participate. Some services currently offered by Google Voice are:

  • A phone number for all your phones
  • Conference call
  • Call filtering
  • Call forwarding and blocking
  • Voicemail – including voicemail transcriptions
  • Cheap international calls

Gizmo5 + Google Voice =?

With the addition of Gizmo5 to the Google family, Google will now become a strong competitor of Skype, which is virtually a household name in professional and personal communications. Gizmo5 is very similar to Skype in that the software is free and can be downloaded from the company&39;s website. The software allows users to call other users for free. According to the Google blog, Gizmo5 "provides internet call software for mobile phones and computers". In other words, Gizmo5 will not only provide a computer-to-computer communication, but also a computer-to-phone communication and a mobile phone service.

Google&39;s acquisitions have not gone unnoticed in the world of communication. AT & T recently filed a complaint against Google Voice with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) against Google Voice alleging that Google is blocking certain numbers in certain areas and that it is in violation of the laws that govern public carriers. Google&39;s response to AT & T&39;s complaint is posted on its Public Policy blog ( http://googlepublicpolicy.blogspot.com ). In their response, Richard Whitt, Washington Telecom and media attorney at Google, admits that Google limits some calls to areas with high access fees, but says that, unlike traditional phone companies, they are free, by invitation only. "Web Software Application", the same rules and regulations as those applicable to traditional operators do not apply to Google Voice. He also said that Google was not trying to be a traditional phone service and that Google Voice needed existing phone lines to work. The old adage, "Pay attention to what you want …" can apply here. If AT & T hopes to force Google to act as a common carrier, with the addition of Gizmo5 and who knows what&39;s left, Google could become a public carrier and a formidable competitor for AT & T.

Although Google is not very excited about the new services it plans to offer its customers with this new acquisition, they are eager to "offer more features useful to Google Voice." We will simply have to wait to see what these features will be and what impact they will have on the communications sector.