The Big 3 and plastic surgery

Pann: JYP artists don’t get plastic surgery

When Hyerim was rumored to have gotten plastic surgery, JYP reps said, “JYP artists don’t get plastic surgery. Hyerim didn’t either. As people know, girl groups are greedy with losing weight. She only lost her weight and the photo angles make her look a little different.”


1. [+196, -74] Some JYP artists got surgery… but SM got more than YG and JYP.

2. [+165, -19] YG first lied that Minzy didn’t get plastic surgery and the public didn’t believe her so she confessed that she got her nose done in an interview. 

3. [+120, -47] That’s a lie… Yeeun got double eyelid surgery ㅋㅋㅋ And Yubin is getting work done, too…. and Junho got his nose done recently ㅋㅋ

4. [+67, -6] I’m sorry but this one person wins JYP and SM…


5. [+63, -60] It’s not like Suzy originally had double eyelids like Sulli and IU.


6. [+48, -15] This was a Chinese CF before her debut. She had no double eyelids.


7. [+47, -14] Suzy’s mom said Suzy got her nose done.

8. [+35, -9] Yeah tbh Suzy got double eyelid surgery… She’s a goddess but I’m sure she got her eyes done. But she’s still pretty natural… Her eyes got much bigger, the lines got clearer and her right eye even got an out line so I don’t understand why people keep denying this… Because her eyes looks natural? Then look at my eyes. I got double eyelid surgery and my eyes looks really natural and pretty.

9. [+34, -17] I’m honestly curious. Did Seohyun get work done like Park Bom? Instead of arguing with the pictures of her swollen face, tell me exactly where she got work done.


10. [+33, -3] Of course the company has to deny the plastic surgery rumors. Imagine how it would damange the company’s image. And the artists probably don’t want to reveal it either…

11. [+32, -3] JYP don’t get plastic surgery? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ What a lie, JOO is famous for completely changing her face ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Yeeun got double eyelid surgery and Jo Kwon’s nose is too obvious.