‘The Genius 4’ duos

‘The Genius 4’ duos – K-POP, K-FANS

‘The Genius 4’ duos

Lee Sang Min + Jang Dong Min = best alliance-making (+5)

Lee Sang Min + Oh Hyunmin = ideal (+4)

Hong Jinho + Lee Junseok = unexpected dream team (+4)

Hong Jinho + Oh Hyunmin = different definitions of justice (-3)

Kim Kyungran + Im Yoonsun = definite relationship of upper and lower (+2)

Hong Jinho + Jang Dong Min = can’t match (x)

? + Kim Kyunghoon = menboong (-10)

Article: [The Genius 4] Which duo is the strongest?

Source: ize via Naver

1. [+881, -26] Just like the name ‘Grand Final’, it’s really fun to watch. I’m already sad because there won’t be a next season.

2. [+764, -59] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ But I don’t think Hong Jinho + Jang Dong Min will be bad

3. [+768, -74] I’m rooting for Kong

4. [+619, -175] OhJang is the strongest duo ever on The Genius

5. [+637, -257] Kyunghoon has a dislikable image. I think it’ll be cool if he actually wins with his betraying concept.

6. [+189, -34] I agree with the duos except Hong Jinho + Lee Junseok. They’re different. They both hate the power of majority alliance but Hong Jinho focuses on his whole team whereas Lee Junseok’s priority is his individual benefits.

7. [+185, -32] (Spoilers, drag to read) Lee Sang Min could’ve made the main match legendary but Kim Kyunghoon ruined everything. He could’ve won but he lost the chance because he got scared of Jang Dong Min and he gave information to Lee Junseok for no reason. I could understand if he betrays for his own benefits but is it actually worth it to watch him trolling through the whole main match? Plus, with Lee Sang Min’s elimination, I can’t anticipate variety aspect anymore ㅡㅡ

8. [+144, -21] To those that are saying Jang Dong Min does nothing – did you even watch the death match on the second episode?

9. [+126, -4] I live for a week to watch The Genius

10. [+144, -28] I want to watch Hong Jinho dominating the game. I always get fooled by the preview

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