Tiffany’s ‘I Just Wanna Dance’ + she’s not doing well digitally?

Pann: Finally Tiffany is at it

1. [+112, -88] I see people bashing SM songs ㅋㅋㅋ I’m sure the song you’re listening to right now also got popularized by SM. Everytime SM released a song, they got a lot of hate for releasing hook songs. But after that, there were a lot of hook songs ㅋㅋ People bash SM songs for now but just wait and see. Songs that aren’t unique and songs that are ahead, which one do you think will last long? Girl group songs these days are bad and generic except Twice’s. If you’re bashing Tiffany’s song, I hope you keep listening to those common and generic songs. SM songs are liked internationally and domestic artists also call them classy but the antis are denying the truth ㅋㅋ

2. [+86, -13] Once in a Lifetime is too good to be a b-side. It’s a double title track in my heart.

3. [+85, -10] It’s more special because it’s full of songs liked by Tiffany

4. [+45, -44] The song is really bad though

5. [+36, -0] I think it’ll get a lot of mixed opinions. I really like Tiffany and her songs but I think Korean people won’t like it because it’s like American pop. Taeyeon’s ‘I’ was public-friendly and K-pop, so it did well. People expected a lot from Tiffany but it wasn’t the style they wanted, so I saw a lot of disapponted people ㅠㅠ

Pann: Tiffany’s digital sales are flopping

(Her Melon rank is currently below 40)

1. [+126, -97] Originally, SNSD members were big bubbles. They must’ve thought they could do well individually because of their glorious past as a group ㅎㅎ “United we stand, divided we fall.” Or do they already flop as a group?

2. [+116, -105] Other than Taeyeon, none of SNSD members are outstandingly talented in singing or acting. Once Taeyeon’s group bubble bursts, it’ll be also hard for her to succeed as a solo. Yoona’s visual is too plain to compete with other Korean actresses and her acting is not that great. Her face is bland so it’s not attractive. She could do better as a dubbed actress in China like Choo Ja Hyun.

3. [+105, -79] I knew she’d flop

4. [+93, -8] The top comments are so mean. Tiffany worked for a long time to prepare for this album. You look down on one’s effort and judge their popularity by digital sales? If SNSD are bubbles, then what are other girl groups? Do you even know SNSD’s achievements?

5. [+68, -1] I don’t like Tiffany’s voice tone and her singing style but I liked her album. I liked how pop it was. Taeyeon is purely Korean-style tone but ‘I’ was too British pop-ish, so it sounded disparate. She still managed to cover it with her singing skills.