TVXQ warns individual fans + anecdote

What TVXQ said to fans at a pre-recording stage:

“If you guys are gonna be divided into Yunho fans vs Changmin fans and fight, then stop being a TVXQ fan and leave. I don’t like this. You can record what I’m saying right now. If that’s what’s happening, then I don’t need to be here because it’s a stage of two TVXQ members.”


At an SM movie event, TVXQ picked a random person from the audience. The chosen person could go up to the stage, shake hands with TVXQ, and get mini photocards. The person who got picked went up to the stage and Changmin gave her the gift. When he held out his hand to shake hands, she purposely ignored him and only shook hands with Yunho. Yunho said uncomfortably, “You shouldn’t do that…” and the audience booed towards her attitude. The audience got louder and Changmin said, “It’s OK” with a smile.


Pann: Idols who told their fans to leave

1. [+154, -5] Why would she refuse to shake hands ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don’t understand. I’d be so happy to shakes hands with him. Yunho is very cool.

2. [+146, -6] Doesn’t matter which group it is, I really hate all individual fans. She shouldn’t have made it obvious like that.

3. [+121, -6] That’s right Yunho, you’re the truth of life! Oppa is so cool <3

4. [+66, -5] I’m not a fan but they’re both amazing. They’ve been in the industry for more than 10 years but they don’t have any controversy…

5. [+60, -2] I’m curious, why do fans of a same group fight among themselves? Honestly, there’s only 2 members now. Why do the fans stir a controversy?

6. [+46, -1] The anecdote is actually much worse. The Yunho fan didn’t even go to the stage when she was called. The audience around her forced her to and she got up with an annoyed face.

7. [+42, -8] What’s more upsetting is that when I tell people that I’m a fan of TVXQ, they ask me, “which OT do you support?” TVXQ is only Yunho and Changmin.

8. [+40, -3] I hope those stupid fans disappear. Both will be together forever ㅠㅠ Akgaes can screw off.