When a guy is sexy

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When a guy is sexy

Pann: When a guy is sexy

1. [+403, -21] When he’s about to curse but holds it when he sees me

2. [+281, -10] When he smells nice

3. [+275, -10] When his body is unexpectedly good

4. [+150, -4] When his voice sounds sleepy

5. [+126, -10] Doesn’t a guy look so sexy when he’s crying? Am I the only one? Not like crying out loud but with red eyes and tears in them… I must be a pervert ㅠㅠ Or when a guy who never says bad words gets mad and curses… That charisma

6. [+113, -2] When he helps me with something that I can’t do ㅋㅋ The skinship is so heart-fluttering

7. [+110, -2] When he pulls up his sleeves… The arm veins make me go hallelujah!!!!!!!!

8. [+109, -5] When his eyes look sleepy ㅋㅋ I want to make him sleep

9. [+104, -3] When he looks down at me because he’s tall

10. [+104, -6] When he’s always kind and nice but his eyes change when he gets mad ㅠㅠ So sexy

11. [+88, -30] When I’m kissing him and he moans

12. [+85, -2] It’s not about being sexy but isn’t it so likeable when a guy that you’re not interested in is very polite to elders and stops others from acting trashy?

13. [+74, -10] When he’s being sarcastic to others with a relaxing smile ㅋㅋ Maybe I’m the only one

14. [+43, -2] When he focuses on something

15. [+24, -0] When he wears suit

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